One of the greatest ways YOU can make a difference for the Salt River wild horses is to become a volunteer for the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group!

There are many jobs to do, from monitoring horses on the river, to organizing fundraising, to fixing fences to keep horses off the roads, to participating in our events and sales booths, to showing up for rallies and appointments with legislators or also mucking stalls at our Facility! There are also online jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

You will need to have at least one day per week available in your schedule to dedicate to the wild horses and you have to get along well with people in a team setting. It is required that you show up for our regular meetings including your first volunteer orientation meeting. You don’t need to own a horse or know anything about wild horses, you will learn along the way!

Without our amazing volunteer force the horses would literally be nowhere.

Please fill out your information below and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch! Thank you!



We steward the range by making improvements and repairs to fencing, by removing downed barbed wire and by removing trash as much as we possibly can. We can always use more volunteers!