It is our belief that wild horses ought to be wild, however, there is a balance. Humane management includes carefully assessing each injury we come across. Mostly wild horses will heal in the wild, and we will monitor them until they do. However, if and when we encounter needless suffering that won’t end well, and we can do something about it; we will.”  Please consider becoming a sponsor for one or more of the following rescued Salt River wild horses. Your gift makes a real and significant difference in their lives. Thank you!

sponsor gideon


 This little guy was found all alone as a brand new born, overheated and dehydrated. He was only 33 pounds, half the size of a normal Salt River foal, but he is doing really well. A naming contest between his sponsors deemed the name Gideon to be befitting for him, it means little warrior. He certainly is a little survivor. He is doing really well and has his good friend Snow to grow up with.  Please Sponsor Gideon!

Sponsor Red Beauty


Red Beauty, once a shiny red roan, after several bouts of colic late last year, he never fully recovered and is now in emaciated condition.  While we usually remain hopeful for recovery (since we see incredible healing take place in the wild), it was becoming clear that he was not going to survive this drought and that he was suffering..  Read More

Help save Mori with the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group


On the top of a steep mountain, three month old Mori stood all alone, disoriented and blinded with a fractured skull. We rescued her on Nov 14th 2017.  Her rescue from the mountain in the dark was difficult and her prognosis was bleak. She had no sight in either eye, but we did not give up. She has been through 16 days at the hospital, 2 surgeries, 5 weeks of antibiotics, but now, she is healed and gained all of her eyesight back! Mori is spunky, full of life and looking for sponsors!

sponsor old lady


After two days of patiently feeding Old Lady, we successfully and bait-trapped her, then with pressure and release loaded her safely into our trailer. It took patience, a large team of determined volunteers, as well as good equipment and careful strategy to capture her without any stress. She is now safe, as well as her foal Lolly who is currently at the veterinary hospital. Both mom and baby would have died shortly in the wild. To the herd, the effect is the same, they are no longer part of the herd. To the individual horses the effect is 100% different.

help save gem


Little Gem, could no longer get up by herself. When she went missing from her band we found her in the nick of time, severely dehydrated and septic. Her right front fetlock joint was severely infected. This is a life-threatening condition and she was going to die in the wild.
Since then, (that was August 13th 2017) she has fully healed and can run like the wind. Gem is just like her name suggest, precious.

Sponsor Roscoe


Rosco would have suffered a slow and cruel death all alone in the field where we found him, because he had been abandoned at birth.  The new stallion who had just taken over his band, made his mother abandone him, difficult behavior to watch. The SRWHMG volunteers carefully surrounded him and loaded him on a blanket in an SUV.

Sponsor Pacman


Pacman was born a healthy Salt River Wild Horse who lived with his band for about a month, but then something bad happened to him. Pacman was found alone, with 4 injured legs, emaciated and was coming up to people for help. He had many infected puncture wounds and severe pneumonia and a bellybutton infection. The veterinarian recommended euthanasia. Today he is a healthy two year old stallion and loves his life!

Sponsor Diamond


On July 31st 2015, a wild horse was born, serendipitously on the same day of the impound notice for the removal of all of the Salt River wild horses. He stole many people’s hearts and at just a few days old, he looked in the cameras, whinnied, and ended up on every News Station. Sadly after the saving of his herd, Diamond needed saving one more time after loosing his hoof in a cattle guard.

Sponsor April


April is amazing. She lost her own foal at birth and was very distraught. We found her on the internet and purchased her right afterwords. It took a few days of hard work for her to accept Rosco when he was just a few days old, but once she did, he was her baby. They saved each other.  She also let Pacman nurse from her, so that both babies received the love and care and real mare’s milk. April needed hoof care as she was lame and she needed parasite treatment for her ears.

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