🚨🚨🚨ALARM: The sponsor of the original Salt River Horse Act, Rep. Kelly Townsend, has sponsored a new bill, HB 2858

🚨🚨🚨ALARM: The sponsor of the original Salt River Horse Act, Rep. Kelly Townsend, has sponsored a new bill, HB 2858,… more

Spring’s Story

\ This little horse may look like just a brown horse to anybody, but this Salt River wild horse has… more

Program Highlight: What We Do

What we do for the Salt River wild horses and why we need your support this upcoming AZ Gives Day:… more

To all who believe in humane wild horse management, we love you

To all who believe in humane wild horse management, to all who can see clearly through the meanest of mudslinging… more

Open letter to Rep Kelly Townsend

At a hearing before the Land & Agriculture Committee you committed to amend your bill, HB 2858, to address the… more

Anti-Salt River Wild Horse Bill Advancing DESPITE Covid-19 LIMITS ON PUBLIC TESTIMONY

Committee Hearing is today, Monday March 16th 1 pm. From the safety of your homes, please take action online TODAY… more

Herd News: Band falls apart after lieutenant stallion dies.

Good or bad, we bring you news about the Salt River wild horses, this time the news is sad. After… more

The spread and END of a Strangles outbreak in the Salt River herd

ALL CLEAR! A Strangles (Streptococcus Equi) outbreak started in July of 2019, which was discovered and confirmed in August 2019.… more

Fun Fact: A wild horse’s winter coat

The Salt River wild horses, even the babies, are perfectly equipped to deal with a rainstorm. This is one of… more

Public record from the Forest Supervisor

[March 7th, 2020] Public record: This is a letter from Forest Supervisor Neil Bosworth about the current AZDA/SRWHMG project to… more

The “Safe Side”

This is an explanation of the current project on the border of the Sunflower allotment and the Salt River horse… more

Non-Salt River wild horses up for adoption in Arizona

They once roamed free with their families on US public lands, but were rounded up and removed by the BLM,… more

Happy B-Day, Rosco & the Rescue Program!

[March 3rd, 2020] Today is Rosco's 4th birthday and the anniversary of our Rescue Program. The significance of today is… more

National Horse Protection Day

Yesterday (March 1st) was national horse protection day. Protecting wild horses is a constant challenge, especially lately. We understand keeping… more

Doing the humane thing. Is it really up for debate?

What does the word "wild" mean, is it synonymous with "just let them suffer"? Do the critics have the same… more

Update! Bill HB2858 Loses Co-Sponsor

Good news! The bill that blocks humane management of Salt River wild horses, lost its co-sponsor. Rep. Kelly Townsend refused… more

Kelly Townsend Has Sponsored a New Bill: HB 2858

🚨🚨🚨ALARM: The sponsor of the original Salt River Horse Act, Rep. Kelly Townsend, has sponsored a new bill, HB 2858,… more

BREAKING: Fertility control is working!

Holding our horses. The Salt River wild horses are protected by the State of Arizona from killing, slaughter and harassment,… more

Born free on Valentine’s Day

Born free. How's this for an amazing Valentine's day story!? A local Frt McDowell (FMD) reservation member finds a wet… more

It’s been a long road on Bush Hwy.

It's been a long road. Before 2016 on Bush Hwy there was no sign that warned people that horses existed… more

2019 SRWHMG Herd Health Report

At the current time the Salt River herd is in excellent condition with body scores of predominantly 4's. Our supplemental… more

[ALERT] We are the target of a vicious defamation campaign.

[Feb. 4th, 2020] Alert: We need your support. We are the target of a vicious defamation campaign. We have not… more

An open letter to those who litter…

Dear litterer, So you came to the Tonto National Forest, maybe you stopped at a circle K to buy some… more

900 bike riders rally for the horses!

Protecting the protected Salt River wild horses. Wow, NINE HUNDRED riders (sign-ins) were in the Tonto National Forest to rally… more

Lancelot’s Legacy

What made Lancelot a rare horse was not only his character, but also his flat grey color like no other… more

In Memory of Lancelot

We very much regret to have to tell you awful news. This afternoon, we found the much loved, gorgeous lead… more

Meetings at Tonto National Forest

NOTICE: Want to help? View our action plans here! [January 17th] We had some meetings at the Tonto National Forest… more

We want to be “HERD”.

NOTICE: Want to help? View our action plans here! Some of the news pieces are confusing and make it seem… more

In Memory of Prince

Rosy, Peanut and Prince, our rescued orphans, are the best of buddies and they play all day long. However, accidents… more

Project Lancelot

We are still just a small organization; we don't have millions of dollars and we cannot hire professional fencers. However… more

Breaking Documents!

[Dec. 27] BREAKING: release of important documents. Long Term wild horse management plan, Tonto Resource Management Plan and the only… more

Rescue Highlight: Mori

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Of course wild horses do not take a day off, so our road… more


Just some exhausted SRWHMG volunteers sitting on the fence after putting up barbless wire fencing on the south side of… more

Supporting the American Wild Horse Campaign!

We were very glad to support this effort by our national coalition partner the American Wild Horse Campaign. We want… more

Christmas Holly?

[Dec. 5th] One of our rescues, sweet Agave, yesterday evening, was acting weird, making grunting noises and opening and closing… more

Political Update: Humane birth control program

Did you know, that the Salt River wild horses are still here, largely because of our humane birth control program?… more

Wild horse behavior: Lancelot

Did you know that all lead stallions of the Salt River know each other? They all have established a certain… more

In Stock: 2020 Salt River Wild Horse Calendar

2020 limited Edition Salt River Wild Horse Calendars! Order yours quickly. They are gorgeous images by our photographers on quality… more


A lot of sad recommendations were made in the closed door Salt River Horse collaborative meetings, by ranching, hunting and… more

Thank you!

[October 27th, 2019] National Make a Difference Day! Our volunteers make a difference!! Thank you Feed Team! Thank you Patrol… more

“Protected” – SRWHMG Status Report

In the last 5 years, the Salt River herd has grown an average of 11 to 12% of its total,… more

Long Term Wild Horse Management Plan.

In 2019 The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group  (SRWHMG) and our coalition partner the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC)… more

Salt River wild horse prints for sale!

Here is a great place where you can buy unbelievable prints and canvases of the Salt River wild horses! (and… more

Released Salt River wild horses!

A big hand to the AZDA (Arizona Department of Agriculture) for this succesful catch and release of Salt River wild… more

In Memory of Moon

"I ate an occasional flower for breakfast, mesquite leaves for lunch and eelgrass for dinner. I loved my family and… more

It was a beautiful summer on the lower Salt River.

SRP called. They are shutting off the flow of the lower Salt River by reducing the output of the Stewart… more

Why we need your donations

For a second drought year in a row, with your donations, we are proving that we can get the Salt… more

Shadowfax is free!

I am wild, I am free, I am strong, I am victorious. - Shadowfax, yesterday, October 3rd 2019. While he… more

Thank you Natural Restorations and volunteers!

Thank you Natural Restorations and all 406 volunteers that came out this past Sunday to participate in the clean-up at… more

Thank you ABC15!

This is our response to a recently published biased article calling the Salt River wild horses diseased and starving! That… more

In Memory of Half Tail

We regret to inform you that the horse deceased during the flood is lead stallion Half Tail. We last saw… more

Flood update: Lower Salt River back open

Announcement: The lower Salt River is officially back open; the closure order in connection with the extreme release of water… more

Unprecedented flood of the lower Salt River!

ALERT! We received a call from SRP. Because upper reservoirs are full, they are releasing a LOT of water from… more

Thank you Forbes!!

Our Facebook communities are a very busy place and have certainly made a difference. We love all of the horse… more


Possible clinical signs of strangles (Streptococcus Equi) have been discovered and monitored in Salt River wild horses. UPDATE; a test… more

Want to make a difference?

Trash and garbage can hurt wild horses! Comon and join us for a great big cleanup! Thank you Natural Restorations!… more

Family dinnertime!

Feed stations or no feedstations, these moms are feeding their offspring the best organic meal available; healthy homegrown green spaghetti!… more

Humane management what does it mean?

In regards to injuries, it means assessing each case on an individual basis, carefully, and over time. When we observe… more


We have watched you in your years of prime, we have watched you grow old, we have monitored you for… more

Update on a weedy situation

A domestic horse who lost it's rider was stuck in the giant reeds along the Salt River, at Phon D… more

Ever feel like you are just trying to keep your head above water?

This labor day, we want to express our deep appreciation for all of our volunteers for their hard physical labor… more


For a safe holiday weekend (and any after this) please help us share the following alerts! Please be aware that… more

Paddling with the ponies!

It's a great grand feast of River eelgrass! It must be filled with lots of vitamins as this is the… more

70,000 milestone – Rosy

Do you all remember poor emaciated Rosy, who lost her mother, and was rescued per MCSO fanboat?? Look at her… more

Migrating patterns

Some people have expressed concern about "what if our supplemental feed program will influence their seasonal migrating patterns?" We give… more

PZP Immuno Contraception Conference

Last week wild horse herd managers and scientist came together in Billings Montana for a 3 day birth control conference,… more

The Price of Kindness and Mercy

Dear supporters. It's been a heck of a week. We want to thank all of you who called our hotline… more

Footage: Wild horse foal crosses Salt River

Salt River wild horses learn to swim the day they are born. But it can get scary when they get… more

Happy Anniversary! (2/2)

"Always fight for what you believe in and give it your all, because you might just change the course of… more

Happy Anniversary! (1/2)

We are kicking up our heals today because 1. It is raining! And 2. It is a very important anniversary… more

River Rescue

When the Salt River is up and running at a good speed (1000 CFS) sometimes young foals can get swept… more

Lady & Red’s Happy ending!

As many of you know, the SRWHMG purchased a property for the purpose of giving our rescued Salt River wild… more

Running Wild

We want to thank every single person who ran for the Salt River wild horses tonight! We want to thank… more

The Magnificence of Wild Horses

This FB page is our page for public information, but did you know that we also have another interesting FB… more

We need sponsors for our orphan foals!

Getting used to water without pressure,...and then the Salt River wild horse in him comes out! What a good boy!… more

Peanut and Rosy can finally be together!

We have been looking forward to this moment for a long time! For 6 weeks our volunteers have tended to… more

Thank you for pitching in!

On June 24th we asked YOU, the public to help get the Salt River wild horses through a tough time… more

Lost/Abandoned Foal Policy (Update: We have another one!)

Hi everyone! We want to explain what our policy is on lost/abandoned foals, since we just ended up with yet… more

Hope for a reuniting!

Help us hope for a reuniting, because we sure aren't looking for sleepless nights again! We just ended nightwatch over… more

Share For the 4th of July!

Share for the 4th of July: Because if you are a loyal supporter of ours, you are helping us to… more

Wishing You a Beautiful Day!

Wishing our supporters a good morning, and a beautiful day from the Enchanted Forest where Salt River wild horses are… more

Thank You To Our Volunteers!

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? Our weekend was great! Among other things, our volunteers accomplished the following: Our Road… more

Come to the Final Race of the Night Mare series by Run Your Race AZ!

The third and final race of the Night Mare series by Run Your Race AZ supporting the Salt River Wild… more

Fundraiser At Culver’s!

Stop by Culver's this week July 1st thru July 7th and enjoy a meal or dessert and show your support.… more

Rosy Update

Her hernia surgery was successful and she is recovering! She is not comfortable yet, but our volunteers are keeping her… more

To Feed or Not To Feed? Please donate!

We consider, with fires raging, drought persisting, and ominous smoke all around us, that it is a very good thing… more

The Riverholics find a gun in 25 feet deep whirl pool

We have some very exciting news to share.. Do you remember back on May 31, 2019, we mentioned how one… more

Raise Funds for SRWHMG with Amazon Smile!

Do you shop on Amazon? Did you know that last quarter Salt River Wild Horse Management Group raised $544.22 thanks… more

Tonto National Forest Fire Restrictions Active Jun 14, 2019 – Aug 30, 2019

Please be aware if you enjoy time at the Tonto National Forest. Fire restrictions went into effect on Saturday June… more


Friday June 28th, is race #2 in the Night Mare Series. Everyone that came out for the first race had… more

Born Free!

Watch this spectacular, up close video, of a foal being born wild and free! This is why it is so… more

Mountain Fire burning on Tonto National Forest grounds

Fire is so scary. The Forest is so dry. Please be ever so careful. "A human-caused wildfire that was sparked… more

Update on Rosy, the baby horse saved after the death of her mother

Rosy was without her mother (deceased) for a long time before we could rescue her, apparently even longer than we… more

Baby Salt River horse saved after death of her mother

SALT RIVER, AZ (3TV/CBS5) — A baby horse whose mother died on the Salt River has been rescued and is… more

One year down, 100 more to go!

How time flies when you are doing the right thing! One year ago we were hired by the State of… more

An Oopsie in an Eddie!

Managing wild horses is an adventure every single day, but for SRWHMG darter Cindy S, the river got a little… more

Butcher Jones Horses Are Moving

Moving notice: Hello, we are the Butcher Jones horses, we have moved. Our old address is Butcher Jones beach. We… more

Peanut Is Home

He is by no means out of the woods yet, but he is so happy to be back in his… more

Peanut Is at the Vet

Poor little Peanut is at the vet!! He was doing so great when all of a sudden he started having… more

Lost Foal Update

We waited in the forest with him for 5 hours, in case his mare and his band came back; our… more

Rescue Anniversary

Do you guys all remember Old Lady's rescue last year? The first photo is a few days after we had… more

Support Salt River Wild Horse Management Group

Support Salt River Wild Horse Management Group with Fry's Community Rewards Shopping Did you know you can support Salt River… more

Alls Well Ends Well

Does anyone remember this helicopter that we were concerned about? Well we have to give H5 Helicopter company a lot… more

Update to #bringthemhome

The traveling herd consists of 4 different bands that all like to hang out in each others proximity for safety.… more

Happy Birthday to our President Simone Netherlands

Can anyone imagine where the Salt River wild horses would be without her? To celebrate, please contribute just a few… more

Cactus Fire Just Turned Two

Here he is, then and now. He was born with ashes falling all around him and had a bad cough… more

Project Bring Them Home

This is a 2013 picture of the Butcher Jones horses at the river by SRWHMG photographer Susie Westerfelt. The Butcher… more

Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day by helping to make the Lower Salt River a better place for all species! Salt River Wild… more

Guess who’s birthday it is!

And yes, we celebrate each horses birthday with carrotcake and the (half in tune half not) birthday song! : )… more

Gideon and Snow love their Ultra 24

Ultra 24 is a milk replacer that we have used with all our wild rescue babies. Our boys are growing… more

Rolling rolling rolling…

In this sandy clearing in the forest, wild horses come to roll. It seems to be contagious, even the foal… more

Do you see him?

Do you see him? We almost didn't! Please beware, rattlers are out and about everywhere in the TNF. They have… more

Sign the Petition

Did you know? The SRWHMG is on it's way to Utah to save the Onaqui wild horses together with AWHC!… more

Today is AZ gives Day!

Today is AZ gives Day! There are many ways to donate! This is probably the easiest one and fb takes… more

Please Donate to Save the Onaqui Wild Horses

We are committed to offering solutions so wild horses can stay free! SRWHMG and AWHC have several certified darters who… more

A Week Old Foal Separated From Her Band

Today something wild and crazy happened and we hope that these pictures will tell the story. This foal in these… more

First day of spring in the TNF!

First day of spring in the TNF!

Join the Night Mare Series Races

Feel like going for a run for a great cause? RunYourRace AZ is raising funds for the SRWHMG with 3… more

Fundraiser to Protect the Horses

📣**Ok everyone, let's do this together!*** Let's prove once again how these wild horses are managed for and by the… more

Guidelines for New Foals

Sharing from our Advocates page * Guidelines for new foals: Salt River wild horses are incredibly popular. This is what… more

Progress Made on Bush Hwy

As most locals know, Bush Hwy runs directly through Salt River wild horse habitat, with the Salt River on one… more

SRWHMG Sets Precedent Humanely Managing Wild Horses

For immediate release: Salt River Wild Horse Management Group sets precedent humanely managing wild horses, but needs help from the… more

Felicity Just Had Her Baby!

**Mare rescued from drowning in AZ canal, gives birth to healthy foal!** It was a traumatic rescue on May 20th… more

Worth the saving?  Rescue highlight.

Worth the saving? Rescue highlight: This is Snow, orphaned in the wild, almost died from acidosis combined with anemia (mesquite… more

Weekend Update: Highway Patrol, Parade & More

Maximizing our productivity! It was a very very busy weekend for all of us at the SRWHMG! Luckily we are… more

Warning: Helicopter Registered to Sabercat Productions

Beware: This helicopter, registered to Sabercat Productions and flown by N5 helicopters in Scottsdale, appears to come to the lower… more

A little Trash Talk.

Our mission is to protect and humanely manage the Salt River wild horses. Improving the habitat they live in is… more

Happy Valentine’s day to our wonderful supporters!

Spread love and kindness; this is basically our attitude all year long and we hope that it catches on MORE.… more

First foal of 2019!

We made a post the other day about humane wild horse management and what that means exactly. 4.9k supporters liked… more

Humane Wild Horse Management

We have to share something sad but beautiful with you. This is Squiggle, one of the oldest mares on the… more

Felicity and Her Future Baby Need Sponsors

With all of the bad news lately, we also have some exciting news! Felicity, the mare rescued from drowning in… more

RIP Cinnamon: It’s Happened Again

Not again. Last night at 10.30 pm we received another dreaded call. We regret to inform you that Cinnamon, this… more

It’s Young Ducey’s Birthday Today!

It is young Ducey's birthday and he is doing fabulous! Also, the first foal of 2019 was born this week!… more

Update: Horse Deaths Deemed Shootings

Update: We've seen enough evidence to call these deaths horse shootings. We are compiling a report. We found the lone… more

Shootings of wild horses and Wild Horse Management Group.

Modern day wild west horror story in a National Forest in Arizona. The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group is… more

Stunning Salt River Wild Horse Video

A stunning video of our Salt River wild horses playing and battling. A good reminder to give wild horses their… more

Wild Horses Have Incredible Bonds

The Feds Capturing Wild Horses, Fiscally Irresponsible

GREAT article. Progress is all about education. So please share this, for more humane and responsible wild horse management everywhere.… more

Here we go, LIVE at the Ride for the Salt River wild horses!

Bald Eagles and wild horses thriving together, protected on the lower Salt River in the Tonto National Forest. We are… more

Take Caution in Heber Area

We are aware of the terrible situation in the Heber Area, where four horses within the same band have died,… more

Rain, We Love The Rain!

The forage is trying to recover from the worst drought in history!

Use Caution on Bush Highway

ALERT!! This gorgeous lead stallion was hit on the road this morning, and had to be euthanized. This is horse… more

Birth Control for Horses

This program is so important because it makes the authorities happy, it makes the public happy and most of all,… more

Sponsor a Salt River Wild Horse

Rosco took a little taste of the snow. Theres something weird about a Salt River wild horse in snow, but… more

4th Annual Ride for the Salt River Wild Horses

Ready to ride? The 4th Annual ride for the Salt River wild horses is January 26th! Save the date! Click… more

These are the Abbys and their story will amaze you.

This mare/filly pair is on the front of our 2019 calendar (buy at www.srwhmg.org), because they are our best survival… more

Birth control darts used on Salt River horses

Please thank 12news for this newspiece! **The protected Salt River wild horses reside in the Tonto National Forest on FS… more

Protection of The Historic and Beautiful SR Wild Horses

As all of you know, we have fought long and hard for the protection of the historic and beautiful Salt… more

How Cute Are They?

Trick or Treat, after dressing up, they were very thirsty! 🥛 They each get their own milk, but watch how Gideon prefers… more

We Are Looking For Investors – Hay Cafe Franchise!

We have taken care of hundreds of happy customers with our Hay Cafe's (feed stations). We now finally have some… more

Dear SRP and Dear Supporters

*100% for 100 CFS!* Dear #SRP and dear supporters, We wanted to show you what it looks like when the river eelgrass… more

Salt River Wild Horse Named Ducey

Thank you KTAR! Cute article.

What is Humane Management?


Meet Ducey!

This is Ducey. Ducey was the first born foal of 2017. We named him after Governor Doug Ducey , as a thank… more

Shocking Wild Horse Shootings – SRWHMG Offers Reward

Two beautiful healthy wild horses were found shot and killed in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. This occurred sometime yesterday, oct… more

Animal Activists Outraged at Forest Service Handling of Wild Horses

We are glad and thankful that our Forest Service listened to the public and that we now are managing the… more

They Belong to Mother Nature

They belong to mother nature, they belong to the wind, they belong to the river, they belong to all of… more

Gorgeous Day For a Swim

SRWHMG Official Statement in Regards to Stray Horses

When people find stray or abandoned horses, anywhere in Arizona, these horses have to be picked up, held for seven… more

Water Management, The Environment, and Wild Horses

SRP (Salt River Project) has no environmental clause for the management of the lower Salt River, from Stewart Mountain Dam,… more

Yummy Green Spaghetti

Help Find A Good Home!


Thank You For Picking SRWHMG As Your Charity!

Thank you everyone who shops at Fry's and has picked SRWHMG as your charity! With one click on the Fry's… more

Our Feed Program is Still Ongoing


Glimpse into the Peaceful Lives of the Salt River Wild Horses

About 15% of the Salt River Wild Horses Have the Grey Factor

About 15% of the Salt River wild horses have the grey factor. This means that they can be anything from… more

ANOTHER Dumped Horse in the Tonto National Forest!

We had to rescue yet ANOTHER dumped horse in the Tonto National Forest! SERIOUSLY! This one is a gelding as… more

People Working Together

Sometimes it takes a village, sometimes it takes a whole State, sometimes it takes a community, but all times it… more

A dumped horse in the Tonto National Forest!

A dumped horse in the Tonto National Forest! Listen to our president tell it like it is! Horses are a… more

Two Arrested in Connection With Shooting at Salt River.

It's just impossible to make sense of why anyone would do this. We've looked at the suspects and we don't… more

Our SRWHMG Property Got Shot At!

This is not what we want to be in the news for! We are still in disbelief. Our SRWHMG property… more

Happy Endings: Nakota and Old Lady part 2


Happy Endings: Nakota and Old Lady part 1

This sweet old gray mare had lived her whole life free on the river, and had survived at least 20… more

Hurricane Florence

The Corolla wild horses are a herd of historic wild horses who live on the outer banks of North Carolina… more

Stand With Wild Horses Everywhere!

All of our supporters are incredibly good at contacting legislators. Today we ask you to give your voices to all… more

Share Your Own Pictures and Experiences

Did you know that we also have a page where you can share your own pictures and experiences with the… more

Live with Snow and Gideon

Thank You, Volunteers!!

LABOR of love….🐴💕
Our volunteers do much more than rescue injured Salt River wild horses…For example…
A regular day for us starts at 5 am 🕔 with opening of the Forest Service gate at first light. We then patrol all areas where

Snow and Gideon Together

Managing wild horses this closely, it gets tough sometimes, it does. Danger lies around the corner for each wild horse… more

Our Rescued Horse Has Passed

We are double sad about this: Little Sidney, named after Senator John Sidney McCain, joined him in crossing over to… more

Newborn Rescued

On Saturday we rescued a newborn that was stuck in the river. We named her Sidney in honor of Senator… more

Follow Our Rescuers – Up Close And Personal

Did you know that you can follow our rescues much more up close and personal on this page? You can… more

Help Needed To Reunite Foal With Mother!

To all visitors, kayakers, tubers and helicopters above the Salt River. Help needed! -We have rescued a newborn foal that… more

Thank You Senator McCain

He was a hero for the Salt River wild horses, like he was a hero in many other ways. He… more

Help Support Our Efforts

Ever wish you could help lift hay bales, mend a fence, clean a recreation area, join a search and rescue,… more

2 Little Orphan Salt River Wild Horses Feeling Fine!

2 little orphan Salt River wild horses feeling fine! Snow is finally strong enough to be together with Gideon. He… more

Sisters Stick Together

These two sisters, seen here sharing a meal of eel grass, have literally stuck together this close, ever since their… more

Updates On The Salt River Wild Rescues In Prescott

Updates on the Salt River wild rescues in Prescott. At this facility we have Agave (3 months, had impaction colic),… more

A Beautiful tribute To Cheyenne

A beautiful tribute to Cheyenne from James and Shelley, who dedicated so much time to her. Please thank James and… more

A Wild Place To Be

RIP Cheyenne

You did good Mamma, good girl, rest peacefully now. We are so very sorry to inform you, our amazing supporters,… more

Is The Horse A Native Species?

Scientifically, wild horses are a reintroduced native species. Economically, they are a big boon to the areas where they exist.… more

Humane Fertility Control

Humane Fertility Control is an important part of wild horse management. Without this component we could not have saved the… more

Gideon, The Smallest Ever Salt River Wild Horse

Gideon, the smallest ever Salt River wild horse says:"To amount to big things, you have to care about the little… more

Cheyenne and Nakota Update

Cheyenne is resting her head on her filly Nakota during their afternoon nap. These two are very close and clearly… more

Thank You to Everyone!

Thank you to everyone, young and old, with hearts of gold. This amazing young Lady donated all of her 7th… more

Fundraiser at Tractor Supply

What a wild fundraiser at Tractor Supply! We had a great time and are so honored to meet and talk… more

“They need us, so then you just be there for them.”

"They need us, so then you just be there for them", said Karen, who was on foal watch all night.… more

Little Guy Fighting To Be Alive

Just a little guy fighting to be alive, dreaming about running like the wind in a big arena with his… more

Bachelors Did Not Behave Themselves Today

The bachelors did not behave themselves today, so we told them to park it for a while. Lol. (Actually this… more

It is Gem’s birthday!

It is Gem's birthday! Last year she was born a healthy wild foal at Butcher Jones to Sapphire. But she… more

Wild babiemania!

We sure have our hands full these days as life has been rough for the Salt River wild horses and… more

hanging in there!

Snow is hanging in there! He is not wanting to drink his milk yet but ate all of his Timothy… more

Life is not all fairytales

Life is not all fairytales, we know that, but with mystical and kind creatures living in the Tonto National Forest,… more

We have a name!

Say hello to Gideon!

National Horses Day!

It's national I love horses day, we almost missed it, because we were very busy on the river, as well… more

We Need Your Help

We are having a bad colic season. The mesquite beans have gotten wet, and the horses keep eating them, which… more

Cheyenne Video Update

Here is the beautiful video that James and Shelley made of the process of taming Cheyenne so that we could… more

Trust Technique

Incorporating the Trust Technique with James and Shelley at our facility has been amazing. Yes Cheyenne was really wild and… more

Help name Baby!


Cheyenne Prognosis

PROGNOSIS: Unfortunately the veterinarians prognosis was extremely grim and euthanasia is the recommendation for Cheyenne. HOWEVER, if you know anything… more

Cheyenne needs medical care


Volunteers care for smallest Salt River horse ever rescued

MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Volunteers with the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group are nursing a newborn horse back… more

Phone tip led rescuers to premature Salt River wild horse

Call it July "Foal-th". The smallest Salt River Horse ever is on the mend this Fourth of July holiday, and a… more

Happy Independence day everyone!

Celebrate freedom while staying safe, responsible, kind and mindful of everything and everyone around you! SRWHMG. Picture by SRWHMG Bren… more

Tiny premature Salt River wild horse rescued!

A call to our hotline yesterday resulted in our field team rushing out Coon Bluff, where a couple of kids… more

Update on Agave

Good morning dear supporters! After a challenging time with impactions, ulcers and not much appetite, Agave is now doing absolutely… more

Update on Agave

A video update on Agave, who's been struggling, but is finally starting to feel better! The ball in the video… more

SRWHMG Protecting Horses During Drought

The condition of the Salt River wild horses was only getting worse by the day - that's when the Salt… more

Feed Program Results

Our emergency feed program is highly necessary right now or we would definitely not be doing it. It is breaking… more

Hay Thank You!

Yesterday, 310 amazing donors, through our fb page, raised over $10,000 towards the next semi loads of hay! Facebook does… more

Bush Highway Improvements Phase Two

Bush Hwy Improvements phase 2!! In addition to lighted variable message boards, rumble strips and horse crossing signs, today MCDOT… more

Two Emergency Feed Program Successes

We are happy to report on two recent Emergency Feed Program successes. We never wanted to have to feed wild… more

Your Donations are Hard at Work Every Day!

Here are just some of the things we do with YOUR donations EVERY SINGLE day to keep the Salt River… more

A Mystery with a Happy Ending

Yesterday, someone left this note for us on our gate. We will investigate and/or solve any situation that involves a… more

Press Conference and PZP demonstration on SRWHMG property

The SRWHMG with its 100 volunteers will implement a management program with the following components: - a birth control program… more

Firefighters Deserve Thank You’s!

Today we went around thanking the different firestations and engines that helped save the two Salt River wild horses from… more

Extreme Drought Report with No End in Sight!

SRWHMG is looking for grants. We are on our 3rd semiload of hay for the Salt River wild horses and… more

Horse Rescues 23: Killbuyer 0 !

We just came from the auction in Buckeye that we advertised earlier this week. Horse rescues 23- Killbuyer 0!! Way… more

Horse Hugs and Kisses: Agave is Starting to Love Life Again!

Agave is starting to act like she loves life again! Here she is with her two very gentle Salt River… more

BREAKING NEWS: Salt River Wild Horse Management Group secures State Contract for the management of  the Salt River Wild Horses

Tonto National Forest, Mesa, Ariz. (May 28th, 2018) — The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) announces today that it… more

Rumble Strips

Making the rumble strips, they will give drivers an audible warning in addition to the visible warnings in advance of… more

Salt River Wild Horse and her Baby Saved from Canal Near Mesa

Its been an absolutely wild and crazy night rescuing 2 drowning Salt River wild horses from the canal! Even while… more

Deaths of Salt River horses along Bush Highway lead to new safety measures

Five fatalities of horses being hit by cars since April along Bush Highway, three of them within the past week, have prompted… more

Old Lady Rescued

Phon D Sutton, Mesa, Az, April 29th, 2 am. Two days ago we rescued Little Old Lady (Lolly) with a… more

Lolly Rescued!

Lolly was a Salt River wild horse born during harsh natural circumstances with a mother who had nothing left to… more

Emergency Feed Protocol First Results

After one week, all of the current feed stations but one, have been discovered by very needy mares and babies.… more


PLEASE BUY ONE BALE OF HAY FOR THE SALT RIVER WILD HORSES Arizona has had a one of the driest… more

SRWHMG Rescues Abandoned Paint Horse

An aging, domesticated brown and white Paint horse was found abandoned by a volunteer for the Salt River Wild Horse… more

Improving Safety on Bush Highway

At 7.30pm Saturday March 24th, we were called to one of the most horrific horse/vehicle accidents we've ever been called… more


We received an emergency call on Thursday after noon March 22nd that a foal was in possible trouble in the… more

BREAKING: The power of the public prevails again, this time on a national scale!!

The Omnibus bill includes the right language to keep the option of slaughtering healthy wild horses OFF the table! If… more

SRWHMG commends State & Feds for protecting Salt River Wild Horses

Press release Friday, December 29th 2017 Mesa, AZ . . . The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group and its… more

Red Beauty Rescue

For months we have been monitoring Red Beauty, and with dread, watched his condition go from bad to worse. Once… more

Salt River Wild Horses Protected By Law!

On Friday, December 29, 2017, the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group released the following press release in regards to… more

SRWHMG Holds First Annual Fundraiser

It was two years ago, that the Salt River wild horses were almost removed and “disposed” of by the Forest… more

Advocates of wild horses deliver 300,000 signature petition to Sen. Flake

3TV | CBS 5 PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Advocates of Arizona’s wild horses delivered on Wednesday a 300,000-signature petition to… more


The public of Arizona fought hard for the protection of the iconic and beloved Salt River wild horses so that… more

BREAKING NEWS:  President’s Budget proposes to murder wild horses.

The budget, if approved, will allow for the murder and slaughter of Americas wild horses and burros on a national… more

Thank You Firefighters

The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) reports that all wild horses in the  vicinity of the Cactus Fire… more

SRWHMG Volunteers Keep Eye on Horses During Fire

Salt River Wild Horses Survive Cactus Fire Fox10 MESA, Ariz. (KSAZ) - It was a busy day for fire crews… more

Amazing Recognition of Death in Wild Horses: Sad, but Beautiful.

We did our very best today, to help a young wild mare who's baby had gotten stuck and died during… more

First Colt of 2017 Named “Ducey”

First wild horse baby of 2017 is named after Governor Doug Ducey The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) … more

Wild horses help veteran with PTSD

CBS 5 - KPHO Jared Dillingham met a veteran whose PTSD is being helped by the wild horses along the… more

Wild Horses Trapped in a Fountain Hills Neighborhood.

 Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) guides them Home for the Holidays  azfamily.com 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather,… more

Arizona House Congressional leaders call for humane fertility control of Salt River wild horses

Phoenix, AZ (November 23, 2016)... In a sign on letter sent to U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack this week, Republican and Democrat… more

Reward Offered, Help From Public Sought in Salt River Wild Horse Shooting

The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) and the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) are offering a $2,500… more

ABC Arizona: Fighting to Save Wild Horses

Killing off the wild horses of the American West, animal lovers are furious over a proposal to do just that.… more

Wild Horse Advocates Call For Humane Wild Horse and Burro Management at Regional AZ BLM Meeting

Breaking: Please help share and make... - Salt River Wild Horse Management GroupBreaking: Please help share and make your voice… more

Historic Bill to Protect Salt River Wild Horses signed by Governor Doug Ducey

Phoenix, AZ (May 11th, 2016). . . .HB 2340, the bill to protect the famed Salt River wild horses in… more

Victory for Salt River Wild Horses: Bill to Protect the Herd Passes the AZ Senate!

Phoenix, Arizona (April 11, 2016) . . . . Wild horse advocates are declaring victory for the Salt River wild… more

Help the Salt River Wild Horses by Urging Your Representatives to Vote YES on HB 2340!!

SRWHMG is urging the public to contact their State representatives to vote yes on HB2340, a yes for the Salt… more

Forest Service to Withdraw Notice to Impound Salt River Horses

A WILD AND FREE HOLIDAY FOR THE SALT RIVER WILD HORSES Salt River, AZ (December 10, 2015). . . .… more

Salt River Wild Horses Still in Jeopardy

Press Conference and Walk for Wild Horses Planned for Saturday in Mesa Mesa, November 12, 2015, In spite of the… more

Annihalation of the Salt River wild horses temporarily halted but removal still impending

The Salt River wild horses are in danger of removal by the US Forest Service.  The Salt River Wild Horse… more

Annihilation of the Salt River wild horses temporarily halted, but removal still pending

Historic Herd Still In Danger of Removal by The US Forest Service On July 31, 2015, the U.S. Forest Service… more