Mission: Ensure their protection and humane management.

It’s been three wild years since our rallies and protests against the removal of the Salt River wild horses. We’ve rounded up large herds of people willing to give these horses a voice and we’ve worked toward positive solutions with Federal and State governments.

When we started this campaign for their freedom we had no idea it would touch hundreds of thousands of Arizonans and Americans so deeply. The battle has been about keeping a piece of “wild” preserved for the future, and about managing it humanely and responsibly.

While so close to being gone forever, the Salt River wild horses are now protected pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute 3-1491. We are currently under contract to manage them humanely under the AZ Department of Agriculture.

Needless to say that we are forever grateful to the public of Arizona and all of it’s legislators and politicians. We thank the US Forest Service, Governor Doug Ducey, Senator McCain and the rest of our AZ delegation and we thank rep Kelly Townsend and the State legislators who voted for the Salt River Horse Act. We also thank our Arizona State Department of Agriculture and Salt River Horse Liaison Jacquelyn Hughes for the great working relationship.

Most of all we thank all of YOU who continue to sustain us with your financial support. Together, we changed the course of history. Together we are preserving and managing an important historic and recreational resource for Arizona. Together we are preserving a true piece of wild.  It is the culmination of everything we’ve worked for, but also just the beginning.

What is Next?

With our 100 SRWHMG volunteers, we have a daily presence in the Tonto National Forest where the Salt River wild horses live. We monitor their health and keep records on each horse. Our many years of data have created a scientific perspective on herd behavior, birth- and death rates as well as migrating patterns. We deal with any and all situations that involve a wild horse. Our emergency hotline is (480)-868-9301.

Implementing solutions.

Our humane management plan includes the following components:

  •  A humane birth control program to stabilize and reduce population growth in the Salt River wild horse herd.
  • Emergency programs such as the Feed protocol and diversionary watering.
  • Maintenance of fences and gates to keep wild horses off roadways.
  • Work to implement safety features to reduce the chances of horse-vehicle collisions;
  • Monitor the health of the herd and each individual in it.
  • Capture and rescue of fatally injured wild horses to prevent needless suffering.
  • Give care and sanctuary to rescued Salt River wild horses.
What is Humane Birth Control?

PZP (Porcine Zona Pelucida) immuno-contraception is the acceptable form of birth control for wild horses, as it does not harm nor influence their wild behaviors and herd dynamics. Any other form of birth control, such as gelding or overiectomies, will influence their hormones and therefor their wild behavior, which is why we do not support it. PZP however can be darted without capturing wild horses and it prevents fertilization for one year. By implementing this fertility control protocol with our certified darters, we can stabilize the population humanely. The goal of the program is for each horse born in the wild, to be able to stay in the wild.

Emergency feed protocol

As a result of the record breaking drought  in Arizona, we have had to start an emergency feed protocol to keep the Salt River wild horses healthy.  We really need your help as the program is high in cost and intensive in manpower. The program is strategically planned so that the horses stay out of the more public areas. The locations are undisclosed to the public, so that they can eat in peace. We feed certified weed free hay. We kindly ask from the public to respect the horses, stick to the viewing guidelines and not to feed wild horses themselves. To donate please click on our Emergency Feed Protocol and buy a bale of hay for the Salt River wild horses!

Giving care and sanctuary:

UPDATE: We want to thank you all so much for the interest in the smallest foal of the Salt River ever found. All of his new sponsors helped decide on his name in a vote, it was overwhelmingly…Gideon, which means little warrior. He is doing fantastic and is steadily growing from his mere 33 pounds. If you would like to become Gideon’s sponsor,  CLICK HERE!

His story: He was found alone under a tree as a newborn, very dehydrated and overheated.  He needs around the clock care, which  is a challenge, but he  is doing so great. We want to thank the caller who called our hotline, as Gideon would not have survived another hour in the heat.  If you want to receive our alerts and updates click here.

YOU can make a difference!

PLEASE Join us in this historic movement to ensure that these beautiful wild horses remain wild and free and managed humanely. All of the SRWHMG non-profit programs are dedicated to safeguarding wild horse habitat and using humane standards of treatment.  Every dollar of your donation will go towards the horses directly. To donate  click here.  Or if you like real mail, our address is: SRWHMG, 4610 N. 68th street #477, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.   Thank you for your support. Please share and connect with us through our social media pages;  follow srwhmg on facebook  follow srwhmg on twitter 

Background: When the impound notice for their removal was posted, in 2015, we were devastated. We knew that we would need an unprecedented public outrage to prevent this disastrous fate of this historic herd. We gave it our all; we alerted the media, we held rallies, we filed a lawsuit and we negotiated.  What happened next was amazing, it was the unprecedented public outrage we needed, and then some- the people of Arizona and its politicians gave these iconic wild horses a voice. Eventually, the Forest Service agreed to rescind the impound notice. Together, we changed the course of history for the Salt River wild horses, who now have a legal right to live on the Salt River in Arizona and are protected under State law.

More than 100 news pieces can be found when you search “Salt River Wild Horse Management Group” , including pieces on CNN, the New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Times and our very supportive local stations ABC15, FOX10, CBS5/3tv and 12News.

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The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) is an Arizona non-profit organization 501(c)3, dedicated to monitor, study and protect the Salt River wild horses, who reside in the Tonto National Forest, Arizona.

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Volunteer for Salt River Wild Horse Management Group


There are so many jobs to do, from monitoring horses on the river, to fixing fences to keep horses off the roads, to organizing and fundraising. We have sales booths and events and also there is lots of mucking to do at our Facility!