The beloved Salt River wild horses are being targeted in federal court by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and we need your help urgently, to come to their defense.

Splendor and his family need your voice

If you care about seeing the Salt River wild horses remain free, YOU can now buy them a half hour of legal representation and really give them your voice. 

CBD sued our Forest Service, The Tonto National Forest, over NEPA and are asking the judge for a halt of the humane management programs. This of course would spell the end of the Salt River wild horses as we know it. But with your donation, you can help give them a leg to stand on!

Together with hunting organizations, the CBD is gunning for wild horses everywhere. They already accomplished the cruel removals of the Alpine wild horses, because sadly, we, SRWHMG, did not have enough resources to give them a voice in federal court. Now the roundups are underway in Alpine, and they are planning to leave none of this historic herd!

We CANNOT let that happen!

The humane management programs are what have kept the Salt River wild horses safe and healthy, and it has also reduced the foaling rate from 100 foals a year to just one or two per year. (for the past 3 years). So why would they attack these programs? Because they want to see the Salt River wild horses removed down to just 44 horses! What would happen to the rest of them? And how would the public be able to find them anymore?

What we are doing is intervening into this lawsuit with our own attorneys to help the Forest Service defend their position. We have one attorney who is an expert in NEPA and one attorney who is  local and the very best litigator. Neither one is inexpensive! We want only the best, since this will determine their final fate!

The Center for Biological Diversity is throwing their claims around without scientific evidence and are wrong on the number of wild horses, wrong about blaming them for environmental damage, and wrong about the Forest Service requirement to do NEPA, because NEPA only sets in when the Forest Service wants to do something that is damaging to the human environment.

Humane management is a very responsible and highly successful way to manage wild horses and is more sustainable than removals in the long run, not to mention, more humane! The Salt River Horse Long Term Management Plan, is consistent with the Salt River Horse Act of 2016, consistent with the will of the public, consistent with the Salt River Horse collaborative, and consistent with keeping the population down and their environment healhty.

But  we need the funds URGENTLY and quickly to benefit Salt River Wild Horse Management Group Inc (SRWHMG) for the retainer and after that, it continues at 400 dollars per hour!If you can, please buy one hour of legal representation for $400 dollars, and you helped defend this herd, but if you can’t, any donation will help make an impact.

We know that hundreds of thousands of people care about the Salt River wild horses and if everyone did just a little, but really did it, we will win this last battle! Don’t let them become history!!

###The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) is an Arizona-based non-profit organization (501 (c)3, dedicated to the protection and humane management of the Salt River wild horses and is leading the way for humane treatment of wild horses everywhere. EIN number 46-5280587. Your donation is tax deductable. Thank you.