87fire smoldered out – major crisis averted!

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87fire smoldered out – major crisis averted!

87fire smoldered out – major crisis averted!

May 27, 6:32PM

#87fire: started at mm 35 parking lot, 85 acres, Forest Service is doing amazing, lots of water, big ten tanker plane overhead!


May 27, 7:35PM

Latest UPDATE: #87fire , smoldering but out!

Wish we could say it was completely out, but they are taking a break overnight to continue containment tomorrow. Still reported to be 85 acres.

Bush Hwy is open right now to let all memorial day visitors out. A little bit too long of a memorial day for everyone!

This fire started at a little pullout at mm 35 where a van was parked. It moved fast with the northeastern wind and the dry vegetation. It has stayed on the 4 Peaks side so far, and we hope the wind does not shift tomorrow. Amazingly fast response so far, this is why we love our Tonto National Forest, we have a symbiotic relationship with them, lol, let’s cheer on the first responders (We are just 3 miles from there) Thank you firefighters!



May 28, 9:08AM

This was a nailbiter, but thanks to a very quick and effective response from the U.S. Forest Service-Tonto National Forest , this is all that’s left of the 85 acres of the #87fire ! Major catastrophe averted! FS Firetrucks still in the area and MCDOT is cutting brush on the rest of Bush hwy shoulders. By the way, a firefighter made an important observation: the other side of Bush Highway, the horses side, is much more fire resistant, because dry grasses are nicely mowed! Wild horse fire abatement makes us safer! Thank you everyone!