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A moment with ol’ Shadowfax

A moment with ol’ Shadowfax

August 16th @ 6PM

He watches over the land where his ancestors have lived for centuries. The land where he has known hardship and immense joy, where he has raised his offspring, the land where he knows every path, every tree and every horse.

Good old Shadowfax has never had to do what any person told him to do, he has never felt the pain of a whip and he has never been chased by a helicopter commissioned by the government.

Does he know that he and the entire Salt River herd are the lucky ones? Does he know how many people care? Most likely not. But that doesn’t take away from how valuable it is to preserve a true piece of the wild, for them, for us, and for our grandchildren

Shadowfax has been self sufficient, he has harmed no one, and cost no one a dime, (well except for us), while living his whole life wild and free.How good is it, to know that he is out here somewhere, watching over the land that he thinks is his.

Love, appreciate and protect all wild horses everywhere, SRWHMG.

SRWHMG Simone Netherlands.

Enjoy this peaceful video of Shadowfax by SRWHMG Rosa Ramsthaler.