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A lot of sad recommendations were made in the closed door Salt River Horse collaborative meetings, by ranching, hunting and environmental interests. The recommendations include removal of a large number of Salt River wild horses. It also includes installing barbed wire fences and cattleguards, that will severely reduce their habitat and grazing grounds.

It remains to be seen which recommendations will be accepted and which will not. We do not know the outcome, but we have been working extremely hard to prevent bad decisions, all while working with the authorities at the same time.

There is a line we drew in the sand years ago; it is a line we will hold with all that we have.

It is why we implement real and humane solutions to population growth. We will be able to bring the herd number down slowly but surely. We have asked for 5 years to prove it and 10 years to accomplish it.

With that, we “aim” to please everyone; the public, the authorities, and most of all the horses.

Here is a slow motion video of the darting of a Salt River mare. You can see that it feels like no more than a bee-sting; she goes right back to eating afterwords. The dart can take 1 to 30 seconds to fall out.

Please support our PZP program by heading to our website and making a donation.

All of our programs are funded by the public, who loves and cherishes the Salt River wild horses.

Humane wild horse management includes fertility control and we are expanding our program with 6 new darters! Kayla from the Science and Conservation Center explained how it works. PZP, Porcine Zona Pelucida, is a vaccination that prevents fertilization of the mares egg without affecting her hormones.

PZP is safe in pregnant animals, there are no health side effects, and it does not pass through the food chain. It is THE way forward to managing wild horses in the field without removals.
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Thank you, SRWHMG.