All 45 Apache Horses SAFE!!

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All 45 Apache Horses SAFE!!

All 45 Apache Horses SAFE!!

We fronted $13,000 to ASIAB even while we don’t have it from our Facebook fundraiser yet, because it’s needed, so that it can be counted in the total right away, to save all of our “7 wonders” in addition to the rest of our beloved Alpines. (We are sending an additional $12,000 tomorrow because our limit is reached for 1 day.) Jessica’s 4 stallions are covered as well, they are the 3 amigo’s plus Guardian, and we will post more about that. (@Redorchardanimalrescue)

That means ALL 45 are finally SAFE! We want to thank our amazing community here, for donating towards the Alpine wild horses to All Seated In a Barn. It goes to show how incredibly much they are loved and cherished. We will post their ID’S because we don’t have to fear the bidding war anymore. We are so proud of you, our supporters, our community, our village.

Yes it is an ungodly amount that was raised, in our eyes too, apparently we are small stuff lol, because we only raised $500 per Alpine wild horse to cover everything, BUT that was not smart on our part, because now we still don’t have sponsors for all of them and we have to feed them for the rest of their lives!

So Tahlia’s business model is simply good business, because she won’t get stuck with the feed and vet costs later. From what we understand this amount per horse will take care of everything they need, until the springtime when they can go to Return to Freedom!! So don’t forget that Return to Freedom will have to feed them for the rest of their lives. (perhaps with exception of our 7 wonders, because they might have to go somewhere else, as that might make too many bachelors for Return to Freedom.)

And please don’t forget all of the other sanctuaries who are taking care of Alpines for the rest of their lives either! What an amazing community we have!!

What is so sad is that these horses already had a home on our public lands, and they weren’t costing anyone a dime!

Consider the financial burden that the Apache Sitgreaves Forest Service is putting on society.

And consider that they are fully aware these horses would have been slaughtered in Mexico. They could have simply worked with us instead, which we offered numerous times.


But we did show them!! WE DID IT TOGETHER!