ALL Alpine souls are SAFE, all of them!!

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ALL Alpine souls are SAFE, all of them!!

ALL Alpine souls are SAFE, all of them!!

Ok everyone, this is Simone.

I want to thank you all for your patience. I know it’s hard to hold your horses sometimes, but it’s time for the horses to decompress and for us take some deep breaths. Here are the facts for everyone about the Alpines horrific ordeal and where we- and they- are now

Between trying to get a Temporary Restraining Order against this auction yesterday, communicating with legislators, the governors office and even talking to Jackie H, with our attorney, needles to say it’s been nuts.

Because time was just too short to make it to the courthouse, as u know, the auction went ahead as was their plan anyway.

So the frantic work of fundraising and the hairsplitting rush on the phone with the bidders during the auction started, and continued until 2 am. There were lots of funds raised, every dollar of which counted, but there is still not enough, for the ultimate happy ending of them all.

We don’t operate on the strict principals of money matters, so we get ourselves in trouble sometimes. But what else are we to do? Once you’ve seen them running to you, in the wild, to check you out, -like Zen does here-, your heart is tied to them forever. Once you really see them where they always belonged, once you understand them, so happy and free, the bigger picture is all too clear. We can’t, simply just can’t, let them disappear into the abysmal barbaric darkness, created for the almighty dollar.

So we hope, we really hope, that you’ll stick with these horses and the rescues who are taking the responsibility. Please let all the talk everywhere, just be the talk, because that’s all it is.
Today on 3 hrs sleep, more handling and more detective work to account for every tag number and comparing pictures which horse is which, – finally after all said and done, – with a huge sigh, I say THANK YOU to each and everyone of you, who worried with us, who shared, donated, and helped. No matter how big or small your actions and donations, you made a difference.

Thank you so much to P.A.W 4 The Foundation , to Lucky A Ranch, and to our coalition partner the American Wild Horse Conservation also, and even to the very nice trainer who took 4.

While NOT all permanently homed yet, ALL 27 Alpine souls are SAFE, all of them!!

Here is how:

P.A.W 4 the Foundation

  • Zen tag 84
  • Hannigan tag 78
  • Zoe tag 73
  • Juniper tag 72
  • Jaz tag 69
  • Cora tag 68
  • Atlanta tag 67
  • Wisteria tag 66
  • Gigi tag 65
  • Vincent tag 64
  • Lia tag 63
  • Happy tag 62

Lucky A Rescue

  • Mischief tag 85
  • Corduroy tag 83
  • Baby Alpine tag 82
  • Bret tag 81, Hulk tag 79
  • Popeye tag 77
  • Alexa tag 74
  • Mia tag 71
  • Palo tag 61
  • Tranquil tag 60


  • Midnight tag 80
  • Bryce tag 76
  • Thunder tag 75
  • Mercedes tag 70

12+10+4=26! (Tag nrs 60 through 85)


Watch Zen here in his home; a very significant moment. He left his family and told them to hide, while he runs to check out the dangerous muggles: Destini, Karen, Dyan, and I.

We knew, we would have to save his life one day. Thank god that day is done!

Video by SRWHMG Destini Rhone.