Alpine stallions Phoenix and Blizzard run wild and free in The Wild Horse Refuge!

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Alpine stallions Phoenix and Blizzard run wild and free in The Wild Horse Refuge!

Alpine stallions Phoenix and Blizzard run wild and free in The Wild Horse Refuge!

UPDATE! Blizzard and Phoenix, these beautiful Alpine wild stallions made it to their forever home today!

“Just like Alpine stallions Phoenix and Blizzard, sometimes things are clearly black and white: The way these American Icons are treated by our government is so wrong, and the way the public fights for them is so right.” states Simone Netherlands , Salt River Wild Horse Management Group in an update on the Alpine situation.

In our recent update you can witness the happily ever after, of these two majestic Alpine stallions, Phoenix and Blizzard. After facing unjust removal from their forest home and a long journey to the TX Bowie Livestock auction, they were lucky enough to be rescued and given another chance at life by the combined efforts of SRWHMG working together with other orgs. After our call for help, ASIAB and Return to freedom, and the Wild Horse Refuge as well as ROAR, stepped up for the Alpines. This would not have been possible without you, our supporters really stepping up and donating for this beloved Alpine herd. Now, these two get to live wild and free forevermore in The Wild Horse Refuge! YEAY!

We care so much about these beautiful precious souls and want to thank everyone who helped. We owe a debt of gratitude to our donors and supporters!!

This is just one of many more happy endings and updates we will be bringing about the 45 plus 6 Alpine wild horses rescued from the Bowie livestock Auction. It does take a while for everything to come together in order for them to get to their final destinations, so please be patient for every single Alpine update, including Eleonore who will have a vet visit and update this week.

We are working with other orgs for the well being of all of the Alpines, but please understand that it does not mean we can tell any of them what to do. We are not the owners of these horses, but we are confident that they will all get their happy endings as promised and we will give updates as soon as we get them.

These horses would have ended up slaughtered for human consumption, because simply no one (except for the rescue market) is willing to take on untrained wild horses.

So please help us continue the fight for wild horses, BEFORE they get to this point.

Just: like, share, comment, invite your friends and spread the word that there is a better way! Wild horses CAN be managed humanely in the wild as demonstrated by SRWHMG and our hugely successful programs.

Some Forest Service regions do get it, but some are still stuck in the 1800’s! Forest Service please listen up to the public!

  • Humane wild horse management is more sustainable than letting them breed year after year.
  • Humane wild horse management is more humane than sending them to horrific, barbaric deaths.
  • Humane wild horse management is far cheaper than paying roundup contractors.
  • Humane wild horse management cultivates goodwill and eco-tourism on our public lands.
  • Humane wild horse management is what the public keeps asking for and it is not an unreasonable ask!

Common sense, stop spending tax payer dollars on a never ending cycle of cruel unnecessary roundups! #managethemhumanely

We could not be more proud of the public for helping us save 334 Alpine wild horses so far and fighting for change! At the same time, we could not be more appalled by the Apache Sitgreaves Forest for continuing their unsustainable, cruel and expensive removals. #shameonASNF

Good luck living your best lives, Blizzard and Phoenix! If only they could all be this lucky.

Thank you everyone! 💕

The Wild Horse Refuge , a forever home for 91 Alpines now.

All Seated in a Barn for their bail and quarantine/vetcare

Return To Freedom, Wild Horse Conservation for the future forever home to the many others.