An official update on the Alpine wild horses.

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An official update on the Alpine wild horses.

An official update on the Alpine wild horses.

Here is an official update (and some additional pictures of more identified horses) from SRWHMG, ASIAB and RTF (the “Bowie/Alpine rescue collaboration”) on the Alpine wild horses. (who were removed from the Apache Forest in Northern Arizona)

Because more than 50 Alpine wild horses sold at public auction were bound for a terrible fate in Mexico, a last minute rescue mission was accomplished by 3 organizations working together to save them. SRWHMG, who documents and advocates for the Alpine herd in Arizona, ASIAB who rescues and rehomes slaughter bound horses on a regular basis, and Return to Freedom who gives sanctuary to numerous wild horses from numerous different herds across the country.

The Alpine wild horses are currently in the care of ASIAB at their Texas facilities and are doing excellent. They are awaiting their transport to an RTF location. They are at good weight and very well taken care of by experienced and caring staff. Recent Pictures will be updated on the RTF website.
The total amount of Alpines at ASIAB facilities is currently 44.

41 of them are from the original auction of 45. Four stallions were purchased by Jessica with ROAR at the auction at Bowie. Since the funds raised were meant to go with the horses for their care, Jessica was wired those funds for their care. There were also 5 horses from the subsequent auction, of which 2 (Phoenix and Blizzard) have already left to be reunited with their mares at the Wild Horse Refuge. Their care and their trip were paid for by the donations. One injured mare, Eleonore, was not run through the auction due to a head injury at auction site and she was relinquished to ROAR by the roundup contractor, Rail Lazy H, Jackie Hughes. ROAR then promised to take care of her medical needs after which she promised to reunite Eleonore with her original band, Coronado’s band. Eleonore’s medical care has been paid directly to the vet, from the original donations. The transport to RTF is supposed to happen according to plan by the end of April. RTF has been waiting for Eleonore plus a Merlin yearling to join the bands, so they don’t miss the trip.

Yearling Gilette is the last missing member of Merlin’s band. He was aquired by Jessica with ROAR though another online Rail Lazy H auction, where Gillette plus 3 other Alpines were purchased by an Arizona boarding and training facility, this was seperate from the original rescue of the Bowie Horses. The boarding and training of those 4 horses were paid for by SRWHMG who wanted to help out with the purpose of reuniting Gilette with his confirmed mother at ASIAB, to complete Merlins band. The healing and return of Eleonore as well as Gilette is a solemn promise by ROAR, and we have been very patiently and respectfully waiting, along with Coronado, Merlin and many concerned advocates.

To clarify, ROAR currently has 9 Alpine wild horses. The 4 stallions from the first Bowie auction, then 2 geldings and 1 mare and yearling Gilette from the subsequent online auction, plus Eleonore.

In light of recent concerns about the ROAR facility we want people to know that we are trying to accomplish matters in a professional non confrontational way. We are hoping that Eleonore and Gillette can be reunited soon. We will let you all know as soon as that happens or if it does not. Sincerely, ASIAB, RTF, SRWHMG.