An unhappy National Day of the Horse.

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An unhappy National Day of the Horse.

An unhappy National Day of the Horse.

December 13th

We paint them, photograph them and sculptures of them can be found all over America. What is so sad is that the real life horse itself is treated with so little gratitude.

Breaking: The ASNF (Apache Sitgreaves National Forest) has posted a new notice of intent to impound the rest of the Alpine wild horses. It was signed by Forest Supervisor Judy Palmer on December 6th 2022. Instead of working with advocates towards humane management through birthcontrol, their plan is total extermination. The new notice also includes other ranger districts, which means every last wild horse in northern Arizona will be targeted and sold without limitation on slaughter.

The total carcasses AWHA and SRWHMG have found from the October shooting massacre is now 43 with 11 still missing. 159 horses have already been rounded up by the contractor and sold without limitation to slaughter. (Of which 118 found good homes).

This means that 213 Alpine wild horses are already gone out of the Forest, either by roundups or killings. It means there are approximately 200 wild horses left in the Apache Forest. However, they will not end there, this is why they’ve added additional ranger districts.

These decisions are without compassion, without regard for our Arizona history, or future tourism, without regard for taxpayer dollars (its costing one million dollars in taxpayer funding which all goes to the contractor RailLazyH), without consideration for humane solutions, without regard for the small local community and without regard for the biggest stakeholder; the public.

This national day of the horse, we are ashamed of mankind and in particular region 3 of the Forest Service, the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest.

In the comments please find out what you can do to help.

Sincerely, SRWHMG.

Picture of dark clouds hanging over wild horses by SRWHMG volunteer, Veronica Hawkins.