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Another project humanely completed.

Another project humanely completed.

October 22nd


These were the most difficult donkeys to catch and it took months of volunteer efforts trying to make them less skittish, but they are finally safe! They now get to live with the sister of one of our volunteers, on a beautiful irrigated 5 acres! No more fears that they will get hit on ironwood road! We want to thank AZDA for the humane handling of the situation and we want to thank the construction workers for their help and the new owner for providing a beautiful home. Wishing them a great life!


AZDA Salt River Horse Herd
Oct. 21st

Just two donkeys in the desert 🌵

A couple months ago we received a call about two abandoned donkeys living in a large desert lot off of Ironwood. They had apparently got loose or had been left by a person. Although these donkeys had plenty of feed on the land and a natural water hole (with thick brush for bedding down), the area had recently been annexed by Apache Junction and a new housing development was beginning to be built.

With the help of SRWHMG providing periodic feed, we were successfully able to trap the donkeys and remove them from the area.

After being held for the designated stray period, these two donkeys were sold to a great home were they now enjoy 5 acres of irrigated pasture ❤️