“Arizona Salt River Wild Horses” is NOT our page.

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“Arizona Salt River Wild Horses” is NOT our page.

“Arizona Salt River Wild Horses” is NOT our page.

URGENT WARNING- Don’t be fooled! Please be aware this is NOT our page, – the name “Arizona Salt River Wild Horses” is deceiving, and seems to be impersonating us, and therefore it is growing fast. However, they use the popularity of the horses against them, so we feel this warning is needed.

This page is posting things that are very harmfull to the cause of protecting the horses, very deceiving to you the public, and they are stalking our private property and our volunteers. This is a screenshot of the type of things they say to make SRWHMG look like the bad guys.

They are also disclosing brand new babies, whom we are trying to protect from the mobs of people for at least their first two weeks. The owner of this page is Debbie Ashley, who’s goal it is to “take down” SRWHMG, in her own words. She can be seen in pictures, 2 ft right next to a wild horse with a backpack full of hay (which is illegal) and sticking her middle finger up at our volunteers. Should anyone want these pictures, we can send them to you.

In regards to this post, please know that we rescued Batman and Shadowfax when they only had days left in the wild, and were dying because of their old age and teeth issues, which made it impossible for them to eat. The public did not want to see them slowly suffer and die. They now are all better, because of the great mash we feed them, so that they can have a great retirement. This was a humane decision made together with the AZDA and the public. It takes a lot of effort and money to give these beautiful souls a happy retirement. But anything can be ruined and spun on the internet. Just please check if you are on this page or the “exposing the truth” page; it is all defamation and libel BS.

Shadowfax and Batman have eachother, they have a great size arena with a huge cover, they have the love and attention from our volunteers, 3 meals a day and play with cookie toys in between. They even still get to see the wilds who come to visit them.

Please get yourselves off deceiving pages. Please let them know you support us and our mission. Do not spread their “news” about babies, it endangers the babies and their mothers during their most vulnerable time in life.

We have a beautiful page where all the considerate photographers post, and it is called “Salt River Wild Horses – Advocates”.
Please join that page instead.

Thank you for your support for our important cause. Thank you.