🌟 AZDA’s Salt River Horse Herd Spotlight: SHADOWFAX! 🌟

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🌟 AZDA’s Salt River Horse Herd Spotlight: SHADOWFAX! 🌟

🌟 AZDA’s Salt River Horse Herd Spotlight: SHADOWFAX! 🌟

July 30th @ Midnight

Great post and spotlight on Shadowfax from the AZDA, whom we are proud to work for and with. SRWHMG.

🌟🌟Salt River Horse Herd Spotlight🌟🌟

Shadowfax is one of the more widely known stallions of the Salt River Horse Herd. Commonly referred to as “King of the River”, he is estimated to be well into his twenties. Born on the lower Salt River, Shadowfax and his lead mare, Ms. Shadowfax, lead a band for many years.

When Shadowfax lost Ms. Shadowfax and his band to Iroquois, he stole the mare Sapphire from Diego. Although they remained in Diego’s band, Shadowfax and Sapphire were never far from each other’s side and added to Shadowfax’s progeny with foals both bay and grey.

SRWHMG has recorded 14 offspring of Shadowfax over the years. Of which 3 died from natural causes, 2 were rescued due to extreme situations (Diamond and Gem), and 9 are happily living along the lower Salt River. The newest one being a young filly named Jewell, born this year.

As Shadowfax grew older, he was not able to defend against younger and stronger stallions. Eventually, he was forced out of the band by Diego and Solo, and lost Sapphire. Beat up, run off, and thin, Shadowfax was on the decline before he was able to find a supplemental feed station. Now that his health and weight has improved, Shadowfax has been seen following his old band, and many are hoping he will one day win back Sapphire ❤️

As for now, Shadowfax is still living free on the river. He can be seen hanging out with other bachelors, roaming by himself, and cooling off in the river daily. Keep an eye out for this icon of the Salt River next time you are out!

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*The AZDA uses the names of the horses given to them by the SRWHMG for documentation purposes.

📷 credit: Salt River Wild Horse Management Group

AZDA Salt River Horse Herd, July 29th @ 6:40PM