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Born Free!

Born Free!

Watch this spectacular, up close video, of a foal being born wild and free!

This is why it is so important to give wild horses their space!

This video shows, with astounding clarity, the very important bonding process of how the foal struggles and copes with her first few hours of life.

Watch the family communicate and protect her! Wild horses are the most gentle and sentient animals, who deserve to be treated humanely everywhere in the world.

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FYI, you may have noticed that this is our poster mare, Lady Gallahad! She is an experienced mother and lead mare. (See our banner and fliers)

She has had 6 foals in a row, with 4 surviving. Next year she will get a break from foaling, as she has received her primer as well as her booster dose of PZP. This is the humane form of birth control we use, and it does not harm or influence unborn foals.

Please keep a 50 ft distance from the wild horses at all times (the videographer was even farther in order not to disturb the process). Thank you Drew Hastings for this simply stunning video.