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BREAKING: Fertility control is working!

BREAKING: Fertility control is working!

Holding our horses.

The Salt River wild horses are protected by the State of Arizona from killing, slaughter and harassment, but contrary to what most people think, the same bill does not actually protect them from roundup and removal, or habitat reductions. That is why we ask for your support all the time; we are still fighting to keep them safe, wild and free, the way Arizona wants them to be.

Part of that is working with the authorities, and part of that is proving what we have always said; that we can bring the population down humanely, without removals. The efficacy of PZP fertility control has been proven all over the world, but we are so excited to announce our very own first proof that our program is a success.


This mare Ella, from Timber’s band, had her foal, Thorne, on Feb 28th 2019, and that foal is now a yearling. Without PZP, Ella would foal again around the same time, in February of 2020. (Horses are pregnant for 11 months) However, she has had no foal for a full year and she is not pregnant. You can see this clearly in this picture with 1 year old Thorne next to her.

Anti-Wild horse groups like to promote that the horses are skinny and unhealthy. What better way to promote a roundup? They won’t hesitate to use one picture of a sick and skinny mare that was rescued 2 years ago.

But like the rest of the herd, Ella and her son Thorne, are a beacon of health. She also represents the first beacon of hope. Hope, that Arizona will continue to hold their wild horses dear, and that all who are proposing roundup, can hold their horses for just a little longer. Is it really too much to ask?

Thank you to the Arizona department of Agriculture (AZDA) for the partnership in humane wild horse management.

Thank you to our coalition partner American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) for being by our side.

Thank you SRWHMG photographers Chris Roberson and Rick Blandford for the pictures.

Thank you SRWHMG darters for the amazing and hard work.

Thank you Science and Conservation center (SCC) for manufacturing PZP, this miracle fertility control vaccine.


To learn more and to support our mission, please peruse our website and make a donation here.

To all of our supporters, please share this far and wide.

While we give the mares a break from foaling, we give the Salt River herd a break all around.
It is the better way. It’s #theArizonaway.

This is the real way forward, to humane treatment of all wild horses everywhere.


Managing wild horses for the public and by the public,


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  1. Steve Polachek

    Says February 19, 2020 at 9:33 pm

    Hi, So far, my support has been on a small scale through your fundraisers and MC ride for the Salties. I asked this question on the fob page on Feb 8th and it was immediately taken down? I am confused. I wondered why so many horses were hanging around the complex on SR 87? Ok. So I let that slide. Understand that I am not being critical or confrontational. I just asked a simple question that a few of my friends also wondered about. Today there were even more at your complex. What is going on? Are you feeding them, are there health issues, sterilization, whatever? Are they still truly “wild” by definition? If you want our support, there must be more clarity and less secrecy. Please help me and my riding group to understand.

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