👉Breaking important News re Salt River Wild Horse lawsuit. 🏛

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👉Breaking important News re Salt River Wild Horse lawsuit. 🏛

👉Breaking important News re Salt River Wild Horse lawsuit. 🏛

The Tonto National Forest (TNF) and it’s supervisor just filed a very strong and solid response in the lawsuit against them.

We fully support our TNF and applaud the fact that they are not letting Robin Silver of CBD (Center for Biological Diversity) manipulate them.

The CBD, the Maricopa Audubon and the Deer hunting orgs want to see Salt River wild horses removed down to 50 horses (!) and are making the best claims they can come up with, to force extensive NEPA and ESA requirements, which could possibly lead to an end to humane wild horse management and a beginning to inhumane removals of our beloved Salt River wild horses.

These deer are on our gamecams often making use of our horse crossing, how about that. And just like the ridiculous claim that there is a lack of deer in the TNF, because of the horses, none of CBD’s other claims hold any merit either.

Here is the video from our gamecam showing the deer utilizing the horse crossing, demonstrating to those with restricted perception (CBD) that wild horses are quite obviously not a threat to deer, hunters are. Same hunters that are suing in an attempt to get rid of wild horses. Many thanks for sharing. SRWHMG.

In short, here’s why

  1. The Forest Service has fulfilled all it’s NEPA/ESA requirements already, and
  2. There simply is nothing that constitutes a major governmental action that would require more extensive NEPA/ESA than what they’ve already done.

The U.S. Forest Service-Tonto National Forest has every right to let the State of Arizona manage the Salt River wild horses.

We are the proposed intervenors in this lawsuit, and we have filed several supportive motions including the motion for voluntary reassignment back to the original judge, which we are glad was granted.

We are very hopeful that our motion to intervene will soon become moot, by the final dismissal of this second frivolous lawsuit!

In closing, it’s not the horses that are a threat to these beautiful deer, it’s quite obviously the hunters, the very orgs who have teamed up with the CBD, to scapegoat the horses. We rest our case.

You won’t hear CBD tell their supporters about this lawsuit on their social media, they only post cute animal videos. Their motto is “Fight like the wild depends on it.” How ironic.

So lets take that advice and lets not let them keep it a secret from their supporters any longer. Please do the horses and the deer a huge favor by sharing this post.

Thank you so much.