Bush Fire of Tonto National Forest – June 13-14th 2020

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Bush Fire of Tonto National Forest – June 13-14th 2020

Bush Fire of Tonto National Forest – June 13-14th 2020

June 14th @ 4PM: We are ok!

We watched as the Forest Service airtankers were preventing the Fire from jumping the highway at our SRWHMG property yesterday. That would have been a disaster (so it was a tense moment), but Mick’s band, who are close by, showed no concern whatsoever.

This reminds us of when were watching the horses and how they reacted during the 2017 Cactus Fire. They were very smart about it, following the river upstream and away from the fire. No wild horse was hurt at the time.

All Salt River wild wild horses are safe at this time also. Should the situation get any worse, we will monitor the locations of the bands and we will keep you informed.

We want to thank the Tonto National Forest for their vigilant and heroic work. Please help us thank them for the incredible job they are doing. Our thoughts and prayers go to the hero firefighters today, go Forest Service!!



June 14th @ 3 AM

Mick’s band was relocated to the riverside of Bush Hwy none too soon. They are safe, together with all other Salt River wild horses, unless the fire jumps one more Hwy. Should that happen, then we are all in deep trouble, including the entire goldfield subdivision where our property is located.

So we have a bit of a sleepless night ahead, but we have faith in the Forest Service, as we have seen them save the Tonto National Forest time and time again, and they assured us they have the best of the best crews on this fire.

We have 11 rescued wild horses and 2 rescued stray domestic horses on our property. We do have the help of the AZDA, but still may not have enough trailer space for all of them, so we would certainly put out a call for help if we needed it, right here on Facebook.

We have done fire prevention at our property and the Salt River wild horses have done quite a bit of fireprevention in the Forest as well, by clearing most of the dead underbrush that is making this fire season so horrific.

The horses are calm, we are calm and even the winds have calmed quite a bit.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the hero firefighters tonight, go Forest Service!!

U.S. Forest Service-Tonto National Forest update 6/14 @ 1PM: https://www.facebook.com/TontoNationalForest/posts/956672774753469

June 13th @ 7pm

SRWHMG is aware of the fire at the intersection of Bush Hwy and Hwy 87. SRWHMG property and the wild horses are safe as this fire is heading North and fire crews are actively working hard to put the fire out. We will keep you updated as more information is available.

U.S. Forest Service-Tonto National Forest 6/13 @ 6PM: https://www.facebook.com/243703969383690/posts/956075414813205/