Can you buy happiness? We have found a way in which you can!

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Can you buy happiness? We have found a way in which you can!

Can you buy happiness? We have found a way in which you can!

June 8th

UPDATE: 193 people got this fundraiser to it’s goal of buying them all!!

These 193 people are their angels who are buying their tickets to paradise. And it really is wild horse paradise where they can peacefully roam together as families again! Thank you to The Wild Horse Refuge. Now we just have to buy them all and sort them and transport them! We are not going to leave any behind!

We know that the contractor is still out there catching horses and that they are not going to leave any in the Apache Forest. Yet at the same time they just re-authorized 735 cattle. In the history books, this will be a bad one for the ASNF. These horses were left by Fransisco Vasquez de Coronado. Please continue to share this and contribute, to buy future Alpine wild horses a ticket to Paradise too! (And there will be even more auctions unfortunately!)

***Please do NOT bid on horses, we will bid on the ones we saved with this fundraiser, on Sunday evening. Any bids u see before that time are not our bids. We will keep you updated!!




This is an opportunity to invest in “a happily ever after” for Alpine wild horses. Read on…

These are some of the innocent faces we see in the Lazy H auction THIS weekend! (Sadly these pictures were taken just days before they were trapped)

It is awful that the Apache Sitgreaves contractor is doing the capturing at the very height of foaling season. Every mare is either high pregnant or has a young foal by her side and they are going through so much stress. They have no regard for the horses nor horse advocates who have offered all sorts of compromises and solutions.

Our local Alpine wild horse advocates have been trying to watch the traps and some of our favorite bands were captured! (Now they have closed the forest for more non transparency) So, we have been preparing for a really big operation, let’s call it operation: “Save Them All.”

We are working together with the amazing Wild Horse Refuge in Colorado, where 23 of our Alpines are already living the wild horse dream!

Truly an amazing place and a fantastic organization.

We have brought the cost down to 200-300 per horse for transport (depending on how many horses per load) and the auction prices will most likely average around 200 to 300 also, SO:

It will take just $500 dollars for a beautiful Alpine wild horse to run free with his/her family again on 10.000 acres! Now what if YOU went in together with a friend or two and bought yourself a beautiful Alpine wild horse!? Not to keep, but to give a happy life to!? It would certainly buy the horse a lot of happiness, would it buy you happiness also? We find that it really does.

YOU will get to pick the horse you help save! (And you can write it off your taxes!)

We think it will be amazing if we can rescue as many as possible and reunite the families! Please know that this auction has no limitation to slaughter and without a bid they actually revert back to the “horsetrader”.

Please know, that this is an incredible and real life difference you can make for a wild horse torn from its spectacular home.

You can also rescue a horse for someone else, or in someone’s memory.

We have posted comparison pictures of the horse at auction on top and the horse in the wild on the bottom. We are still trying to identify the horses with pictures of only butts! Our gorgeous protective lead stallions separated from their precious moms and babies standing with their heads down.

It’s despicable, please help us to make things right, for these horses that are being treated so wrong.

Thank you so much. Lets do this!