PROGNOSIS: Unfortunately the veterinarians prognosis was extremely grim and euthanasia is the recommendation for Cheyenne. HOWEVER, if you know anything about us, you know that we do not give up easy. In fact, all of our injured rescues, like Pacman, Diamond , Mori and Gem received an initial recommendation of euthanasia. That is not a criticism of our veterinarians; they are realistic and also take into account that our budget is not unlimited. With that said, we also know when it is time to let them go. So first we are going to give it our absolute all and give her a fair chance.
Her injury, which is severely infected, could be a fracture or severed tendon. We do not know for sure just yet, since she is a wild horse and we cannot get an X-ray unless we forcibly sedate her which can get dangerous, put her in shock and worsen the injury. Instead we choose to manage wild horses with the patience they need and deserve.
Right now, we are using the trust technique to get quick results since time is of the essence. In these pictures you see James French at work. James and Shelley are truly amazing. They donate their time to charities worldwide and we are lucky to have them here at this time. Because of the fast progress he’s made, we have been able to administer critical antiseptic solution and colloidal silver right on the wound and she has eaten bute and antibiotics for her pain and inflammation. The next critical step is to get the halter on her today, so that we can administer the antibiotics more directly on her tongue. We will keep you updated on this process.
Disclaimer; do not try this without training.
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Thank you for the much needed support. Your thoughts and prayers are needed. Thank you.

Cheyenne Prognosis