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March 2nd


Coming up! A news piece that highlights our life’s work: the humane management of the Salt River wild horses. Please watch, 9 pm Wednesday! (Tomorrow evening)

To balance keeping them wild, keeping them healthy and humanely reducing the population, it is not easy. To raise enough funds, balance our budget and work hand in hand with both state and federal governments, there are restrictions and limits to what we can do.

To balance keeping horses as well as people safe amongst millions of visitors, just 20 minutes away from the big metropolis… To monitor every horse and address injuries in a rugged habitat of 20,000 acres, plus providing 24/7 sanctuary and care to the ones we had to rescue.

The aspects of managing wild horses humanely, are more involved and complicated than people might know…and we don’t get paid for it. It has taken years of our lives and actual blood sweat and tears on a daily basis. BUT, the horses are still here and people can still enjoy them, and that makes it all worth it.

Watch the piece here!