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Cool idea?

July 30th @ 3:30PM

Cool idea? The Phoenix area is breaking all kinds of extreme heat records right now. That is worrisome, of course, for people, but also for any outside animals you have, so bring your dogs and horses inside! 😉 Except, of course, if your house is not large enough for a horse, then here are some fun tips to keep them cool outside:

  1. Make sure they have a large trough with clean and full water at all times, and check with your hands if it is not too hot to drink! Adding ice blocks will cool it down and encourage them to drink more.
  2. If you don’t have misters, then you can purchase a simple round sprinkler head, and leave it on for your horses! They will soon discover that it keeps them 30 degrees cooler!
  3. Make sure that they always have shade available, of course.

We hope everyone gets through these extreme temperatures safely! Greetings from the “cool” rescues at our SRWHMG property.