Cut Fences Cause Band of Horses on Hwy.

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Cut Fences Cause Band of Horses on Hwy.

Cut Fences Cause Band of Horses on Hwy.

Constant public interference jeopardizes Mick’s band.

The USFS, AZDA and SRWHMG need your help. There has been a lot of interference in the humane management of the Salt River wild horses lately. The breaking of gates, the pushing of horses, the interfering with an ongoing project, placing water in dangerous areas and the cutting of fences.

This weekend, fences were cut and the band was ON Bush Hwy. Small water buckets were placed right next to fences also jeopardizing all of the horses in the band.

Small water buckets and coolers with water, can be dangerous, because when there is only enough for the most dominant horses in the band, this will cause them NOT to come back to the large water troughs placed strategically by the SRWHMG. There is enough in these water troughs for the whole band and it is refreshed every morning and every night by our hard working volunteers. Using smaller buckets can cause the less dominant horses to dehydrate and even die. Interfering in a government authorized project can cause real harm to horses and is a misdemeanor pursuant to ARS 3.1491.

Horses and drivers lives were in danger. “Our volunteers are trained to move horses off the road, but this was a terrible situation, and extremely stressful; it is disheartening to see that someone would do something so reckless that endangers the lives of horses and the public,” said Simone Netherlands, president of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

We need your help preventing this behavior and catching the people who did it. The relocating of Mick’s band is an ongoing project. We assure you that the health and well of the horses is our highest priority. Please spread this Forest Service press release. Thank you.
Violators will be prosecuted per 16 USC 551; 18 USC 1361; and 36 CFR 261.9(a).

View a news article about this event from AZfamily here.


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  1. Sandi Inches

    Says May 13, 2020 at 8:30 pm

    Hi. I am looking for a few weeks old orphan bucket foal to adopt. Needs to mature at least 16 hh. I live in New River, AZ.

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