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Double standards, anyone?

Double standards, anyone?

May 19th

Here’s the EA of the Apache Sitgreaves Forest Service (ASNF) for more grazing in many allotments, including the East Eagle allotment, where the Alpine wild horses live!!! ( along FS road 25B and FS 217.)

Their environmental concern, it’s so convincing, isn’t it? Strange how that concern dissapears faster than a stick of butter in July, when it comes to adding more cattle to the exact same area’s.

CBD is not concerned either about more grazing. They are not suing to remove cattle on behalf of the poor mouse. Why? Because endangered species are just an excuse to get rid of wild horses. They use it, because if they say it enough, they think it will stick, even when the endangered species in question has never been spotted in the area. This EA proves that the concern is not real, it’s fake, and it’s easier to see through than our dirty truck windows.

The excuses to the public,..are u sick of them yet? There is only today left to comment on this EA!! (We just found out)  Luckily it’s an easy thing to do. Just click below and fill in.  Your comment will then become part of the federal record and you’ll be kept informed on what the ASNF decides.

Your comment doesn’t have to be long, but keep it professional:

Some pointers:

  • Tell them politely that they forgot about their own environmental concerns, which are their stated reason for removals of wild horses (that you love), and ask them why those concerns disappear so fast when it comes to cattle grazing.
  • Ask them to research and analyze the ratio between “unauthorized livestock” and cattle and the environmental impact of each.
  • Tell them to go with alternative 1, no cattle grazing.
  • Tell them to do NEPA like they are required and prepare an EA before removing any more Alpine wild horses, a.k.a “unauthorized livestock”.

Ok let’s hurry, thank you everyone!! 11 pm is the deadline! Scroll down and click on comment on project. We can do it!