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Expecting snow!

Expecting snow!

January 7th

When you see snow fencing along Bush Hwy. in Arizona, it’s not because we are expecting snow! : )

It’s because Salt River wild horses are migrating to find food which is getting scarce again. The feed program is currently still inactive. They are climbing up high in the mountains, which then takes them past the end of the fenceline. Then they’ll walk back down again where they end up next to the guardrail, which is very easy for them to jump.

So it’s been a looong couple of weeks. Our night crew has been staying in that area until 11 pm and our morning “walkers” come in at 6.30 am, which is when we start walking the bands all the way back up the mountain past the fencing again, to get them back on the safe side.

Because we will have to wait a while for the forest service fencing in that area, and the granite is much too hard for us to pound posts into, we are using snowfencing, which is easily attached to bushes and also easily removed once we have permanent fencing. We find that as long as it looks funny and it wiggles, horses are pretty good staying behind it.

We are sorry that it looks ugly, but please bear with us until this situation is resolved. Thank you for your support! SRWHMG.