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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day, June 20th

Throughout the centuries wild horses are amazing survivors, due in large part to the fact that mustangs make incredible fathers. They watch over their offspring 24/7 and they protect them at any personal cost.

This is Shadowfax with his daughter Crystal. Shadowfax is now retired and he is aging, but he has left a definite stamp on our population of wild horses. He has great Spanish looking conformation with a heavy neck and stocky build. However he is of small stature, which is a great survival trait, since you need fewer calories when you are smaller. He is a grey but not a dominant grey. This means that he can have offspring of all colors.

He has 14 known offspring with 4 different mares of which 11 are still living; 7 mares and 4 stallions. 2 offspring have been rescued because of detrimental injuries; Diamond and Gem. That leaves 9 of his offspring in the wild, 6 mares and 3 stallions, of which 5 are greys and 4 are non-greys. Zircon, (a grey) is his last son, and Jewell, a non-grey is his last daughter, both out of his last mare Sapphire.

Shadowfax is also a grandfather and great grandfather. He has had 24 grand-offspring of which 18 are still living. He even has 1 great-great offspring and 3 great-great-great offspring!

Shadowfax has always been a very loving and patient father, which has been great to see over the years we have known him. Their bonds are unbreakable, and he occasionally still gets visits from them.

Picture by GP Walsh Photography. This image can be purchased at www.azwildhorses.com

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