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Foal Friday! Light Rain

Foal Friday! Light Rain

December 3rd

The SRWHMG keeps track of every single Salt River wild horse from the time they are born to the time they die. That’s why we have so many “tales” to tell.

This tiny foal was born on a day when we had prayed for rain, it was the first thing he felt on his skin. He was shivering and we watched him to make sure he would be ok. His name would become “Light Rain“. That was back in August of 2015, a time when the future of the Salt River wild horses was very much in jeopardy.

Since that time this foal grew up, and became powerful and strong, much like our organization did.

Our organization is now managing these treasured wild horses humanely under contract with the state of Arizona, (the AZDA) and this is how we keep them wild and free.

And this tiny foal? He has very recently conquered his own mares and is now a lead stallion! Way to grow Light Rain! If you want to see what he looks like today, keep an eye out for our posts. Make sure that you have not only followed our page but also clicked like on it, and you can also click on “see first” in page settings.

We are so thankful for the powerful and much needed public support. Thank you to everyone who donated on Giving Tuesday!

Planning on keeping them wild and free for a long long time to come. SRWHMG.