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Foal spotlight!

November 20th

💟Foal spotlight!🐴 Meet Nala!

This year, only 16 foals were born in all of the Salt River herd and 15 of them are surviving. 8 of them are fillies and 7 of them are colts. Nala was born on July 17th 2020.

The reduced 2020 foal crop is the first-year result of our PZP program, which we are very proud of, because a stabilized and reduced population, means that Nala will get to grow up wild and free.

Nala is the offspring of band stallion Neiman and his lead mare Ayla. These experienced parents have been together for over 8 years and Nala has two older brothers that are still with the band, so she has no lack of supervision : )

The reason Nala was born, was not planned, but is because the band was hiding somewhere when mare Ayla needed her PZP booster shot. She did get her dart eventually, but alas she was already pregnant. This is ok, because PZP does not harm unborn foals and also does not affect the health of the foals born. As you can see Nala is as healthy as she is cute.

The day a foal is born, we begin studying their their health, their growth, their behavior, their movements, their injuries, band changes etc etc which we log in our app that keeps track of every horse. We do this all while being non-intrusive and staying at a minimum 50ft distance from them.

You can see that Nala is “greying out” and currently has a grulla color, but she will slowly continue to grey out until she looks just like her mom a few years from now. Then she’ll be harder to recognize.

Nala’s mother is benefitting a lot from the feed program and she would have been in a lot of trouble without it. The terrible drought has not let up yet and we are not expecting to be able to end the feed program anytime soon.

When you see Nala or any of the 2020 foals, we know that it is very tempting to get close to them because they are just so darn cute. However, it is very important that the foals stay wild, and getting close to them and making them trust humans, is doing them no favor. So please enjoy them, but use your zoom and respect a 50 ft distance from them at all times.

We want to thank every single one of you for your support of our important programs, be it with just a “like and share” or a monthly donation. 💕We all know that without that support, this herd would quite literally be nowhere.

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With your help, Nala can always stay wild and free. 💕For the public and by the public, SRWHMG.

📷Pictures taken by SRWHMG photographer and feed manager Rick Blandford.