👁👁 Focusing on what’s important: protecting what we want to keep. 🐴🐴🐴

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👁👁 Focusing on what’s important: protecting what we want to keep. 🐴🐴🐴

👁👁 Focusing on what’s important: protecting what we want to keep. 🐴🐴🐴

July 17

It’s sad though that Facebook likes to show the less important things. If it’s about a baby, so cute, or about a passing away of a horse, so sad, when we post that, it gets shown to all of our followers! But when it’s about paying for an attorney to sue the contractor for wrongdoing and not letting us bid in the recent Alpine wild horse auctions, Or if it’s for an attorney to defend the Salt River wild horses, it won’t show you that, in your newsfeed, because well, it’s not sexy or sensational or happy.

But yet those are the most important things we need your help with, and it is very urgent. Because, who else do you know, who can get it done?
So let’s do a test and strategically talk about how the super cute horsies would be very hard to find and watch, if we could not stick up for them. And how many beautiful majestic horses would so sadly pass away in removals. And let’s say Rest in Peace to the dear Alpine horses some of which have already passed away, and see if these interesting words will trigger this platform to show you our efforts, and create more shares, so that you can find this plea, while scrolling today. We hope that you spread this most important thing, even if it’s the only good deed you have ten seconds of time for today.

We are testing this out, with the key words, so let us know if you saw this, while you were scrolling and then please share it also.

In all seriousness, we are serious about winning the Wild Horse Wars once and for all. They are just as real as Whale wars. Just like Whale wars, this is about being more humane, but it’s also about what we Americans care most about: family and freedom.

So excuse us for the strange word use today. But this is a fundraiser that will be used for perhaps not very sexy, not very popular, but extremely important legal fees for wild horses! Please help us get justice for them!

It is $400 an hour we are trying to gather and that can break our bank very quickly, which is what wild horse enemies are counting on. Every penny matters, and maybe as long as everyone does it, the power of accumulation will set in, and add up to enough to save one herd, two herds, and maybe more.

So we are very sorry for asking, but if we are too shy to ask, we might as well give up right now.


Goal: $10,000

Thank you for whatever you can do, no matter how you chose to show it. Let’s see if it works.


This Amazing Picture from our Advocates page.