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From Return To Freedom: Meet Carlson!

From Return To Freedom: Meet Carlson!

Omy what a cutie, and how lucky is he. We are so thankful for RTF and the beautiful home they are providing for the Alpine wild horses. Their historic home was robbed from them by the Apache Sitgreaves National forest and given to the cattle. #shameonASNF

Return To Freedom, Wild Horse Conservation

April 12

😍 It’s a special #FoalFriday for us at RTF! — Meet Carlson, an adorable colt born on Wednesday morning to one of the rescued Alpine mares!
Because of an outpouring of support from generous online donors, we were able to team up with All Seated in a Barn and Salt River Wild Horse Management Group to identify and acquire 46 Alpine wild horses at the Bowie, Texas, auction in December, preventing them from being shipped across the border to slaughter.

Almost all of the Alpine mares, many of which are pregnant, have now made their way west from quarantine in Texas to our Lompoc, Calif., headquarters sanctuary.

🧡 If you’d like to sponsor Carlson, please click here: (tick the box to make your donation recurring and add Carlson’s name to the dedication line).

👉 Sponsorships are hugely important to our sanctuary because they provide a regular, reliable source of income. That enables us to negotiate for the best prices for quality hay in bulk.

More Alpine horses will be available for sponsorship soon.

Carlson is the second foal born to the Alpine group in less than two weeks, along with a filly, Easter. She’s staying with her mom in Texas in ASIAB’s care until she’s big enough to travel.

The U.S. Forest Service captured the Alpine horses in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests near Alpine, Ariz. Read more about the horses at