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Fundraiser to Protect the Horses

Fundraiser to Protect the Horses

📣**Ok everyone, let’s do this together!*** Let’s prove once again how these wild horses are managed for and by the public!!*** Let’s see how much we can fundraise for these signs, just on this page, just on fb. (Fb does not charge like other fundraising sites)

Each one of these signs in a large size costs $500 in reflective metal, but we need one for each side (so that it is visible from both sides), so that is $1000 for each large sign on posts! We would really like at least 2 for each rec site. (This is in addition to the smaller posters we have already hung up)

We will install these huge signs with free manpower from SRWHMG volunteers! Please help us prove once again that these horses can be managed for the public and by the public. We can only place what we can fundraise.

Let’s get each rec area signed and posted! There are 8 rec sites plus 3 trailer parking areas where they are highly needed. So we need 22 times $1000. Please feel free to share far and wide!

We will thank every donor on our pages by name unless you want to remain anonymous. Thank you for helping us manage the Salt River wild horses humanely!
Please share with everyone you know!! Thank you SRWHMG.