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Good news for 2021!

Good news for 2021!

January 2nd

The Salt River wild horses, like us, have not had an easy 2020, they have been through disease, fire, loss of habitat and unrelenting drought.

But luckily there is also good news for 2021. The novel cooperation between the federal government (USFS), the Arizona State government (AZDA) and our non profit (SRWHMG) is a great success. We work a two-fold approach: The feed program keeps the horses healthy during the drought, while the fertility control program reduces the herd population in a humane manner.

In addition, the rescue program gives sanctuary to horses like Diamond who cannot be released to the wild anymore.

Click here for a video update from cool Prescott, with a cheers to the New Year and a wish for happiness and health for horses and people everywhere.

Happy New Year, SRWHMG.



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