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Happy 75,000 Likes!

Happy 75,000 Likes!

We were looking at celebrating our 75,000 milestone on our Facebook page, and noticed our recent stats which are pretty amazing! We want to thank YOU for your undying support, because without it, the Salt River wild horses would be nowhere. We want YOU to know that your “like” is not just an insignificant little choice you make.

Did you know that we have 22,000 likes with half a million views and 8000 shares on the “Giant Storm” video? We have a 4.9 out of 5 rating, with 855 amazing and appreciative reviews. We have 23,000 signatures on our overpass petition. Newstations frequently pick up our alerts and video’s and the Dodo picked up the birthing video, which so far has 2 and a half million views! Even our latest “amateur” video of peacefully grazing wild horses has 15,000 likes.

We have never had a professional videographer and we do not have a professional PR Firm. Everything we do is low cost and “do it ourselves” so that all donations can go directly towards caring for these cherished wild horses.

This is why your “like” is not just an insignificant action. Your participation and shares and especially donations mean the world to us and we can tell you that it means all the difference to these wild horses.

We believe that Americans love and cherish wild horses, because they embody the essence of who we are and what we care about –family and freedom.

This is why we are thankful for the cooperation between federal and state governments and our partnership with AZDA as well as the support of MCSO and the Governors office, all for the well being and preservation of this much loved herd.

We have a few real haters also, but 10 people out of 75,000, we figure that’s not all that bad. Thank you all so very very much.


Update: as of 4/20/20,  our Facebook page has 75,055 likes!