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Hay Thank You!

Hay Thank You!

Yesterday, 310 amazing donors, through our fb page, raised over $10,000 towards the next semi loads of hay! Facebook does not give us your address so we cannot send you a thank you card or token of our appreciation!

So this card is for each of you. No matter the size of your donation, we want you to know that you make a truckload of difference.

This drought is a challenge, but our feed program is producing visible results and with your support we WILL reach our goals to keep these cherished wild horses healthy, safe, wild and free.

We can honestly say that the Salt River wild horses are owned and managed by the public. That makes us proud.

You, our donors make humane management possible. Thank you really is not enough, but it comes from all of our hearts,

A grateful SRWHMG.

To buy a bale of hay for the horses click here.