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Hay! We need your help.

Hay! We need your help.

January 15th


Hay! We need your help.

Every year around this time, the forest starts to get green again and provides new forage for the wild horses. However this year, the horses have no forage left to eat, and there is no end in sight to this relentless drought.

Unfortunately the only way to keep them healthy is to keep our feed program going. It is a huge project, we distribute an incredible 240 bales per week over 4 different feed stations, and every three weeks we are out of hay again! We simply cannot keep this up without your help.

One bale of weed free alfalfa costs $15 dollars and feeds one family band of Salt River wild horses for one day, but there are lots and lots of bands to feed! There are also lots of people who love and enjoy these horses, so if everyone who loves them would would put a little bit of money where their heart is, we can do this! We need $6500 every 3 weeks!

We are not a large organization, but our dedication to these wild horses is unmatched, please join us and you will become part of this important mission.

If you sign up for just one monthly bale of hay for the Salt River wild horses, either here through Facebook, or through our website, we will send you a thank you with a meaningful image of a family band of horses you helped feed. (Please do provide your address so we can send it to you, because Facebook doesn’t give that to us.) Your donation is tax deductible.

The Salt River wild horses are an icon of our American spirit and they deserve to stay in their natural habitat. This is how we do that. Thank you for spreading this call for help!

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A sincere thank you, SRWHMG.