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He will be loved. [video]

He will be loved. [video]

April 14th

Aaww, he was born between midnight and 5 am, and at 7 am he is already this astute and showing his personality!

He should have had the opportunity to be born in the wild like his ancestors did, but the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest would rather have all that grass available for livestock grazing and hunting and removed over 200 Alpine wild horses last year without sticking to their own NEPA regulations or even considering humane management.

What we already knew was blatently true, sadly there is no market for untrained wild horses. We worked our butt off to find as many good homes and sanctuaries as possible and through our many contacts we were able to place and support 173 of them and we spent tens of thousands of dollars doing this.

We took in some of the ones we couldn’t find homes for, 10 in Prescott and 2 at our SRWHMG headquarters along the Beeline. Well that turned into 3 today! This beautiful boy will have a nice home with us with lots of love and caring and play. His mommy is doing an excellent job. Yeay, no round the clock feedings! (We are used to the orphan babies we rescued, but this one will require a lot less)

Welcome little one, to a world with lots of wrongs, but with also many hero’s to make a few rights. You will be loved. From all of us at