HELP! It’s an upstream battle!

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HELP! It’s an upstream battle!

HELP! It’s an upstream battle!

May 6th


It is a dangerous time for the Salt River wild horses. They are fierce and can stand up for themselves in the forest, but they need us to stand up for them everywhere else!

We are working hard with our new attorney to fight the latest attack on the Salt River wild horses in federal court, and yes we need your help!!

Here, Splendor’s dad Lindor fights off a bachelor, while little Splendor tries to swim to shore in a high river of 2800 CFS! They made it!

Please communicate with the officials and legislators. Facebook pages are great to comment on also. Fight for them like their lives depend on it, because they do!

It’s an upstream battle! We need your help, because the Salt River wild horses will not be fine if we do not all jump in to save them, one last time!! Don’t let them drown!


Here’s what you can do to make all the difference:

Call and email the following officials and ask for their express and clear support.


Your talking points are:

  1. There is no proof at all that they are ruining the environment, in fact them eating the dry weeds is a GOOD thing, because it mitigates and reduces our high wildfire danger.
  2. They are important to you, (and tell them why) important to our economy, and important to our AZ history.
  3. Their humane management is a great success, and their numbers are already reducing.
  4. Its too expensive and too cruel to remove them, and you’ll be outraged!


Many will have answering machines on, so let’s fill them up with your voices! Keep things very polite but urgent and ask them to call you back. Please really do it, you could be the drop that tips the bucket for their long term protection.


Ask our local news stations to support the horses too!


The horses are counting on you, Arizonans!


Thank you!