Help now: We need a truck.

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Help now: We need a truck.

Help now: We need a truck.

Update on June 16th, 1 month later: We got the truck!

We are in dire need of a truck for pulling the water trailer, the horse trailer, the hay trailer, and for our field fencing maintenance. We are relocating Mick’s band and they need water every morning and night.

We are calling on our supporters to post this video on the dealer FB pages and anyone else you might know who might possibly sponsor/donate a truck. The only requirements: It has to run and be able to pull a trailer.

Whoever finds us a sponsor will receive a large gorgeous image on metal of the Salt River wild horses.
The sponsor will receive lots of media attention and be named sponsor of the year on our website.

Please help us find a truck! There is no reward greater than knowing you’ve made a difference.



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    Says June 22, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    […] we put out a call that we were in need of a property truck, we did not hear back from any of the dealerships we […]

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