How do we stay so cool?

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How do we stay so cool?

How do we stay so cool?

September 17th

Imagine the hard physical work of hauling bales of hay, fixing fences, hiking the desert and taking care of our rescues, then add in the extreme Arizona heat, and many people don’t understand how we get it all done, but we will tell you a secret…

Here you can see our feed team wearing “Cooler than you” Cooling vests. They are amazing, and we want to give a giant THANK YOU to Glacier Tek for helping us get through this summer!! This company recognized our need and jumped in by sponsoring these vests. When companies support our important work like this, we like to promote them and ask our supporters to help us thank them.

You too can be cooler than your friends in the Arizona heat! Check out their fantastic cooling products at:, and please let them know we referred you. You can also just thank them for their goodwill by going to their Facebook page.

Many thumbs up for GLACIER TEK!

Also thumbs up for SRWHMG volunteer Christine, who communicated and secured this awesome sponsor for us.

The vests were used by our feed team, our caretaker team, our fencing team and our field team volunteers. Yes, we are the coolest!