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How to make a difference

July 1st @ 12PM

Snow is 2 years old today! He lives happily ever after because of your support. It’s hard to explain how important that support is, except when you see the before and after in person.

Snow’s story is one of humane solutions. Could we have left nature be nature, sure we could have, either way, we would not be wrong. What happens in the wild when a mare dies and her offspring is still dependent on her milk? Depending on the age, it takes approximately 5 to 10 days for the young foal to slowly starve and perish, and that’s a pretty harsh way to go.

Little survivor that he is, Snow was desperately following his band and drinking water and eating mesquite beans, but he was still slowly starving to death. He was getting poisoned because those are not the right nutrients for a 2 week old foal.

In other wild horse areas, something like this might go unnoticed, but because we keep a close eye on this herd, we have a choice; watch it suffer, or intervene. Luckily, as long as there are enough people who support us – not just giving them a voice but also giving them a few dollars – we can do the humane thing. But it is not easy saving foals like this, it takes funds to pay vet bills, but also enormous time commitments for their care 24/7, expertise in raising them, and a good facility.

Snow is doing great today! It’s almost as if he shows his gratitude in his simple happiness of being alive.

But SRWHMG has been hit hard with a Covid19 drop in donations. These rescued horses still have to be fed, and field programs like birth control and study, have to continue in order to keep them wild and free.

Snow’s story is an example of humane solutions. It was never easy, – raising enough money to manage it all – but now, in this difficult time for everyone, it seems almost impossible.

If you love these horses and you are for their humane management, please help raise the monthly support needed for the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG). We are at least $12000 behind.

💵 It only takes a few dollars as long as everybody does it. (We have almost 80.000 followers!)

Here are 10 easy ways🐴:

Share this post with as many of your friends and groups and email contacts as possible, also helps.

We are an accredited 501(c)3 and your donation is tax deductible.

“To leave the world a better place, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded. “

Ralph Waldo Emerson.