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Improving Safety on Bush Highway

Improving Safety on Bush Highway

At 7.30pm Saturday March 24th, we were called to one of the most horrific horse/vehicle accidents we’ve ever been called to. We immediately called it in to MCSO who were on the scene quickly.

The people in the vehicle, who were physically ok, as well as the witnesses, were as horrified and shocked as we were, at the sight of the poor mare and her unborn foal.

The driver did not want to hit a horse, they just had no visibility and no warning. The horse was not ok, she passed. We will spare the very sad details.

This was a beautiful lead mare named Steph, the absolute favorite mare of some of our volunteers. This is the same family band plaqued by misfortune. Remember the shootings where one foal died and two were shot but survived? That was this band also.

Another mare from this band was hit on Bush hwy 2 years ago and this time it is their beautiful lead mare they lost. Her two colts standing behind her in this picture are left to carry on her legacy and DNA.

improving safety on bush highwayAs you may know we have worked hard to improve safety on Bush Highway by fixing miles of fencing and reducing the places where horses can cross, we now have only 8 horse crossings left.  Bush Highway is incredibly dark at night. We have been advocating for flashing warning signals at the horse crossings, and signs that say “Caution, horse crossing”.  We did get watch for horses signs 3 years ago, when we advocated for it, which is better than nothing, but we did not get actual horse crossing signs. We feel that much more warning and visibility is needed at the busy horse crossings. We have submitted our proposal to MCDOT which includes locations of all of the horse crossings and all fencing details on Bush Hwy.

In March of 2018 we had another meeting with MCDOT, which was productive. They have now hired a company to research several different options of improving safety on Bush Hwy.  They are open to the under passes we suggested and the flashing lights as well, however this research is going to take a while, much like everything in government does.

With construction on Bush hwy concluding soon, we feel the road has actually become far more dangerous with the widened and smoother asphalt and the extra guardrails. We are officially worried that it will become a bloodbath after construction on Bush hwy concludes.

We are afraid who the next horse will be. Who the next person.  We do not want to see one more, not one more.

Please take action fast MCDOT, even temporary lights, please. #notonemore.

Sincerely, SRWHMG.