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In Memory of Half Tail

In Memory of Half Tail

We regret to inform you that the horse deceased during the flood is lead stallion Half Tail. We last saw him the morning before the flood.

Half Tail was the truly amazing and loving lead stallion of Killian’s band. (Killian is the first born foal of 2019) He is also the father of Snow, one of our orphan foals, whom we had to rescue when Half Tail lost his lead mare
Snow-White to colic.

We have located Half Tail’s band to see if all are ok and they are all accounted for. Half Tail’s loyal Lieutenant stallion Tron is now leading the band. This highlights the value of lieutenant stallions, because without a lead stallion a band would be lost and vulnerable to being split up.

According to our photographic data Half Tail was 16 yrs old. His teeth corroborated this age.
His name was an obvious choice because he used to have only half a tail. This had something to do with his loving nature; he would just let his foals munch on it and sheer his tail short.

In this picture Half Tail (on the right) is seen with one of his great loves, Brave. We picked this beautiful picture by supporter Luanne H, because it shows his caring nature.

We are quite positive that he died in a heroic way, since he would have given his life for any of his band members. (but this is purely speculative since we were not there). Wild horses are truly amazing in the way that they take care of their families, Half Tail was a great example of that.

Rest in peace, Half Tail.