It’s time. Something’s gotta give.

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It’s time. Something’s gotta give.

It’s time. Something’s gotta give.

May 19th

All of everyone around the world, seasoned horse advocate, or newly informed, let your voices be “herd”!!

Thank you to every organization standing with us!! SRWHMG.



The Wild Beauty Foundation

We are so proud that so much awareness is happening for wild horses through our documentary. However, as we celebrate this week, we also stand with Salt River Wild Horse Management Group against the assault on wild horses in Arizona.

As many of you know, there have been targeted attacks on the Heber and Alpine horses, where gunmen have come in and massacred these innocent families in the forest. Having filmed in this area in 2021, there was without a doubt a burgeoning hatred by some community members for the wild horses – and it seemed to us that numerous people knew who the gunman was.

Recently, as disturbingly reported to us by SRWHMG – John Koleszar, with Arizona Sportsman for Wildlife Conservation sent a graphic photograph of himself laughing, and standing next to a dead wild horse – to Robin Silver with the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and Jackie Hughes, the roundup contractor responsible for removing the horses.

The thread between these three individuals seems to be evidence that the new lawsuit against the Salt River Wild Horses may not be based on honest concern for the environment. We must come together to stop this.

We feel the beloved Salt River wild horses of Arizona should be protected, as they drive awareness and tourism to not only the beautiful state, but to all wild horses in the Western United States.

Please call the numbers below and demand an investigation into these individuals, to cease this senseless lawsuit, and protect the wild horses of Arizona.

Key points to make on your call: there is no proof these wild horses are degrading the environment; they are important to you (tell them why) and they promote Arizona’s economy through tourism. They are a national treasure and should be protected.

PLEASE CALL (your voice DOES make a difference):

Thank you for standing with wild horses.

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