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In memory of Jade

On May 20th, 2017 we rescued a filly on the Salt River, who would have more impact on our hearts and our mission than we could have imagined at the time.  It was not until after the successful rescue operation that we found out why she had been wondering alone. Her mother had died from birthing complications. Jade had very severe pneumonia and could barely breathe, but with intensive care and antibiotics, we were able to save her life. But then just when she was doing so much better, a horrible accident happened!

Pacman, her  Salt River cousin , made a sudden noise in his stall, which spooked Jade and made her run straight into her surrogate Momma April, who was happily trotting around and could not avoid her; she stepped accidentally on her fetlock. We witnessed the horrifying incident and it was immediately clear that Jade broke her fetlock bone. It was by no means April’s or Pacman’s fault and no one could have prevented this unfortunate accident.

After diagnosis, it was determined that the only way she could ever have a functioning leg again, was with plates and screws to stabilize the fracture; but the cost was 10,000 Dollars, and that was after already having spent $3000 on her rehabilitation.

We thought about it, but we could not give up on her now, after everything she had survived, so we asked YOU, our supporters for help. The amazing story is that within 48 hours YOU, the pubic, had granted her surgery!  The principal of everyone giving a little made a miracle within reach.

But the angels wouldn’t have it. After the very best intensive care, nutrition and love, unfortunately infection set in her tiny little bones, and she was already on the strongest antibiotics possible. We were out of options at that time and we did not want her to suffer anymore. The very difficult decision was made to lay her to rest. Everyone in the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group was devastated.

She was special. Loved by so many, she truly brought people together for not just her cause, but for the cause of humane management and protection of all wild horses all over the country. We want to thank every person who cared about her, we know she left tiny little hoof prints on many hearts.

Therefore we want to give her little life great meaning. We made a JADE LEGACY FUND with the purpose of funding the next rescue when they need it, so that we don’t have to scramble like we did this time. She will be paying it forward so to speak, and our long term goal is to have a wild horse injury center adjacent to the Tonto National Forest.

Will YOU help? You can buy a beautiful , real Jade necklace or the limited edition print in memory of Jade and her mother Anise. You can also just donate, either one time or monthly for the care of the Salt River wild horses. Every dollar goes directly to the horses as no one in the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group gets paid, we are an all volunteer organization.

We thank you so much for your support, kindness and for making humane management possible. It is reachable, it is reasonable and it is not too much to ask. Thank you.

jades legacy fund

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