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Lancelot’s Legacy

Lancelot’s Legacy

What made Lancelot a rare horse was not only his character, but also his flat grey color like no other horse on the river. We called it groan, a combination of a grey and a roan. His sire was Bouncer, a light orange roan and very stocky horse, who disappeared in 2016. His dam (mother) was Blanca, a grey who died from bean colic in 2018. When she died, she left a 4 month old colt behind; Lancelot’s younger brother Fenton. This age is extremely young to survive without a mom, but little Fenton learned to do without his mothers milk. He is still with the same lead stallion today, who never left his side after Blanca’s passing. We monitored Fenton’s health until he was 6 months old and he will be 2 years old in February. He may look a lot like Lancelot once he is all grown up, this is him below in the picture.

Lancelot himself leaves a progeny of just 3 offspring in the wild, 2 colts and a filly, who are between 4 months and a year and half old. They did inherit his grey gene.

We also have had to rescue many offspring from either road accidents or from falling in the canal. We have Mori (Morgause) at our rescue facility, who is his spitting image and very special. Mori had brain surgery and while she is fine today, we cannot release her back into the wild, because she is tame and she expects breakfast, lunch and dinner to be served generously and promptly. (It would also not be legal)
We also have Iggy (Igraine) whom we rescued out of the canal, (she is a roan) and we have Fynn who was only 2 months in the making, when we rescued his mother Felicity out of the canal. So we have an incredible 3 of his offspring at our rescue facility. It is not open to the public at this time, but we will have sponsor days for the donors and sponsor of those rescues. Sponsor a rescued Salt River horse here. We have another page called SRWHMG-Wild Rescues where we post constant updates on how the rescues are doing.

In this picture of Fenton you can clearly see the Lancelot traits. He is a real survivor and we will keep you updated on how he is doing periodically.

Thank you for your support. To see updates, be sure to go to our Facebook page and click “see first”.