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February 14th


LOVE LOVE 💘 that Neiman is chewing his food like a champion! (See previous post for why this is a big deal) Neiman does not like visiting the feed stations, because he is still too weak, so that forms a bit of a challenge when he is way up in the mountains.

But our volunteers will climb any mountain, and do just about anything, to give this old boy a chance. Oh what we do for the LOVE 💘 of wild horses! #lovewildhorses #SRWHMG

Thank you volunteer Rosa Ramsthaler! (she is in charge of Neiman’s recovery)

Happy Valentines day everyone! Please don’t forget to support us with your donation for Valentine’s day, because this boy cost us some money, he is worth it! (Find the fundraiser is in the comments)

For the love 💕of wild horses, SRWHMG.

Click here for the video!