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MIRABELLE in the rain.

MIRABELLE in the rain.

December 28th

🌧 Isn’t it the perfect rainy day/night to make your last minute year-end donation to the Salt River wild horses? Your donation is tax deductible, so why not give it to SRWHMG, instead of to the IRS?

Why do we ask?

Without financial support from the public, the Salt River wild horses would literally be: nowhere. They would be gone from the Salt River, that is the truth. We are just a small organization, but we get a lot done. This herd depends on us, and we depend on you!

What do we do with your gift?

With our dedicated volunteer force we monitor the health of every horse and keep records of every change in the herd,. we patrol the roads for their safety,. we maintain the fences,. we help them in the field if they are sick or injured,. we rescue them when there is no other option,. we supply emergency feed stations with hay to get them through the drought,. we’ve stabilized the population growth,. we give permanent sanctuary to our rescues,. and we also rescue abandoned pets and abandoned horses we find in the forest.

Do we get government funding?

All of our programs combined, keep the horses healthy wild and free, but what most of you might not know is that we do not get any government grants or funding; our programs get funded solely by YOU, the public. It means that our success also depends entirely on you.

Does it matter how big or small my donation is?

No, ANY amount helps, as long as you really do it! Times have been very hard for everyone, and we understand that. Unfortunately hay is also twice as expensive this year and so is gas for our volunteers.

Does it also help the Alpine wild horses?

Yes, we have accomplished a lot this year, and on top of our duties along the river, we are also saving as many Alpine wild horses as possible, who are not as lucky as the Salt River wild horses. They unfortunately are being removed by the Apache Sitgreaves Forest Service at this very moment and need good homes desperately.


With your help, we will continue the fight AGAINST removals and FOR humane treatment of wild horses everywhere!

Keeping them wild and free benefits our local economy and all Arizonans. These wild horses are part of our rightful heritage, worthy of humane treatment as individual, sentient and kind beings.


Here are all the ways in which you can join and support our important mission:

👉 Become their guardian through our website by clicking here: https://saltriverwildhorsemanagementgroup.org/donate/

👉Donate through paypal: SaltRiverHerd@respect4horses.com

👉Help the Alpine wild horses:

👉Buy a Calendar, which also helps!

👉 Mail a check to our new address:

    PO Box 64264
    Phoenix, AZ 85082

👉Purchase wild horse stuff from our online shop, all of the profits go towards our programs:

👉Buy the rescues a Christmas present for the rescues from their wishlist:

👉Make your own fundraiser for the Salt River wild horses! Go on our page, and click “create fundraiser”.

👉Sign up for frys rewards and we will get a percentage of your purchases!

👉Sign up for amazon smile so that we get a percentage of your orders!


We are an accredited 501(c)3 and your donation is tax deductible.

From the bottom of our many hearts we thank you so much for making our important work possible. We wish everyone unbridled happiness, freedom and everlasting family for 2023!

Keeping them wild and free, SRWHMG.

Photo by SRWHMG Rick Blandford.