Mystery solved! Coriander’s eye color 💙

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Mystery solved! Coriander’s eye color 💙

Mystery solved! Coriander’s eye color 💙

Because we want to keep Cori wild and free, it is important to give him a 50 ft respectful distance. Because of this it’s been tricky to solve the mystery of the color of his eyes. Sometimes his left eye seems blue and sometimes it appears brown.

Thanks to this 400 mm zoomed and cropped picture by Dianne Klimek, it’s solved!

His eye is partially blue, approximately a quarter of it. This does not affect his eyesight and it also will not change as he gets older. It is a result of the large blaze that is close to his eye. (It’s the white part on his face also called chrome).

Coriander, one of only 2 foals of 2023, is now 3 months old. His dad is Cilantro and mom is Acacia, a great combination of the two granddads, Cisco and Timber (Deceased). Great bloodlines and what an absolutely beautiful boy! (It’s as if we planned it that way, but we didn’t!)

Our successful fertility control program has reduced the yearly foalcrop of the Salt River wild horses drastically, from over 100 foals a year to 1 to 2 foals a year. Because of this important program the Salt River wild horses stay in balance with their habitat and have never been removed.

Cori will get to grow up wild and free with his family, hopefully forever.

But we do continue to need your support to keep up our important programs.

We want to thank everyone for loving and respecting the horses! SRWHMG. Have a Wild Horse Wednesday!